Okla. student with U.S. flag turned away from football game

From KFAQ (Tulsa)

A flag controversy is surrounding an Owasso High School student and administration after he was asked to leave last Friday's football game and put the American flag in his car. 

Friday night lights is part of an American tradition for as long as most of us can remember. 

"It's a really big deal, it means a lot," Owasso High School senior Brandon Conrad said. 

But the American flag wasn't welcome for students to wave inside the Owasso High School football stadium last Friday night. In a video shared on Twitter, a police officer is seen asking Brandon Conrad to leave. 

"Our principal told us it was ok, our actually individual grade teacher told us it was ok, but when we got there Duffield tells us says it's not ok, which is our Athletic Director," he said. 

"Every time we asked why and tried to justify our case they just simply came back with take it up with Duffield and we haven't heard from him," Owasso High School Senior Connor Jones said. 

A school spokesperson says it's not about what the flag represents. She says flags, signs and banners can make it hard for others to see the game.

"The students in fact our students run on the field with an American flag and so the only thing we will review is what items in the student section would give the best game day experience for our students the people behind them," Dr. Amy Fichtner said. 

But some, like senior Connor Jones, say what happened to Brandon Conrad just isn't right. 

"The flag being a symbol of our country and everything being taken away, kind of a double standard almost," he said. 

Students say another USA night is on the schedule in a few weeks. They say they're wondering if banners, signs and flags won't be allowed again. 

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