DMV revokes license plate aimed at Muslims, but OKs a worse one

From Mad World News

By Rebecca Diserio

After rejecting a license plate aimed at Muslims, the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles recently approved another that has Americans steaming mad, and when you see what it says, it’s easy to understand why.

The Department of Motor Vehicles recently approved a very pro-terrorist, pro-ISIS personal license plate, while rejecting another one that they say goes too far against Islam. The phrase one Muslim couple got government approval to display on their personal license plate should have you shaking your head, especially after you see what another American man was denied.

Besides “Alluha Akbar,” there’s one other phrase when uttered by Muslims that should put any non-Muslim on edge: jihad. As many lose their lives to that violent Islamic ideology, a United States government agency is saying the following plate is appropriate for a Muslim couple to display:

Recently approved plate, top; rejected plate, bottom

Recently approved plate, top; rejected plate, bottom

A few months ago, Mad World News reported on an unidentified man who slipped under the radar of the Minnesota DMV with his “FMuslims” license plate until the state caught wind of it and moved to revoke the plate and prevent any others like it from being allowed. Now, a license plate registered by a Muslim couple is causing an uproar because it has been approved.

The license plate from Missouri reads “Jihad 1,” the couple, who also named their son Jihad, claim it is not about violence but spiritual matters.

The couple says that Jihad is the name of their son and that is why they applied for the plate. They also explained that Jihad has a spiritual meaning for Muslims that has nothing to do with violence or terrorism. 

Of course, that is untrue. Jihad is a war or struggle against non-believers. This Muslim couple is trying to be clever by saying the meaning refers to an inner spiritual struggle, but the fact remains that Islam’s central theme is spreading their faith by violence, and the one word they use while doing it is jihad.

If they can have that license plate, then let the man from Minnesota have his “FMuslims” one as well. As distasteful as it may seem to many, it’s his right. After all, free speech is not just for the speech we like to hear.

That is the problem with political correctness. It calls something out as “hate speech” in order to limit all speech of those with opposing views. Liberals are so worried about someone offending a Muslim, they are slowly whittling away Americans rights, and it’s all because they think it’s not nice to say f**k Muslims. The truth is, it’s not nice to say f**k at all, but limiting words is the beginning of the end of freedom.

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