After loss in Netherlands, anti-jihadist Geert Wilders says: 'You haven't gotten rid of me yet!'


Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte is meeting with leaders of other political parties in his first effort to form a new government after his party's win in Wednesday’s election -- while far-right populist politician and anti-jihadist Geert Wilders vowed on Twitter to keep fighting on behalf of his party.  

While Wilders' party gained seats since the last parliamentary election and secured second place, he performed under earlier expectations. 

Rutte is portraying his win as a repudiation of the "wrong kind of populism."

"It seems the populist revolt in Holland has been stopped," Wierd Duk, a political correspondent for the Dutch daily newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, or AD, told Fox News. 

Analysts here say dislike of the policies of the Trump administration could have played a role in Wilders’ loss. The populist politician has been dubbed the "Dutch Donald Trump."

But others have noted that Rutte and other politicians have adopted many of Wilders controversial positions on immigration, integration and nationalism – meaning the far-right politician had far-reaching impact.

"He influences debate from the sideline," Duk said. 

This vote was also seen as a bellwether for upcoming votes in France‎, Germany and possibly Italy. Populist lines are playing big there, too.

Politicians all across Europe were closely watching the developments in the Netherlands.

The message for them, according to Duk: "Take your citizens more seriously. Listen to them. Listen to what they have to say." 

Wilders hinted in a tweet overnight that he was not going anywhere anytime soon.

"You haven't gotten rid of me yet!"

Christian Action Network's DVD "Islam Rising" includes Wilders' ground-breaking documentary called "Fitna," which exposes the radical aims of Islam.



Published on by Patti Pierucci.