Here It Comes: Push For Halal Food in U.S. Schools

An item from Clash Daily: Muslim Halal Food In NYC Schools, Is Your School Next?

Muslims in NYC have never showed shame or humility following the actions of their brethren on 9-11. They have never ceased to make demands upon the residents on NYC…or America, with regards to accommodating their totalitarian system, cloaked in religion.

Now they are taking on food in the public school system…they are framing their arguments/demands in histrionics for the ‘feeling’ public.

“My father told me that any type of meat can’t be eaten. So I cannot eat anything other than peanut butter and jelly and I am tired of it.”

Peanut butter and jelly and going hungry seem to be a common theme in all the stories.

By serving Halal food, most non-Muslims don’t realize: The State would be implementing Sharia Law. No choice for infidels.

There’s even a bill proposal via Pol pushing halal school food.

“It is important to represent and respect the customs of each child,” said Sepulveda.

Tafadar Raouf, suspects the school cafeteria’s vegetables might be cooked in oil that has touched pork, which would make it unlawful.

Even most of the bread the cafeteria uses is not technically halal, he said, since it is made with chemicals barred by Islamic scripture.

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