Islamists Pretend Manhattan Explosion is Theirs

Islamic Jihad's Palestine Today website is covering the rocket barrage being sent by that group to Israel. Of course, they are monitoring Israeli TV and websites to grab photos of any damage their rockets are causing.

Naturally, they have lots of photos like this:


But some of their photos show what looks like much greater damage:


Does that look like Sderot or Ashkelon to you?

No, it's Harlem, where there was a massive explosion today.

Terror inflation!

By the way, guess what Islamic Jihad is calling this operation, which as of this writing they claim includes some 130 rockets and mortars?

In other Gaza terror news, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades - a subsidiary of Fatah - took credit for 4 of the rockets fired today from Gaza, at 6:20 PM. In their communique, they called the Zionists "sons of apes and pigs," by which they of course are referring to Jews.

The leader of Fatah is, of course, Mahmoud Abbas.

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