Death by Sharia: Female Student Refused Care

By Pamela Geller

The girl died, but everyone stayed righteous.

This reminds me of the terrible fire at a girl’s school in Saudi Arabia. where fifteen girls between the ages of 13 and 17 died and 52 others were hurt. “Morality police” locked the girls inside the burning building because they were not wearing their headscarves and niqabs. One Saudi paper said the morality police stopped men who tried to help the girls escape the building, saying, “It is sinful to approach them.”

UNIVERSITY staff in Riyadh wouldn’t allow paramedics to immediately enter a female-only area of the campus to help a student who suffered a heart attack and later died.

Okaz newspaper reported on Thursday that administrators impeded efforts by the male paramedics to save the student’s life at the King Saud University.

The paper says staff took an hour before allowing the paramedics in on Wednesday.

The death spurred thousands of online comments about the country’s strict segregation of the sexes.

But the university’s rector, Badran Al-Omar, denied the report, saying there was no hesitation in letting the paramedics in and that the university did all it could to save the student’s life.

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