Muslims Capture, Rape 9-Year-Old for 19 Days

By Theodore Shoebat

A nine year old Christian girl in Jordan was captured by Muslims who brutally raped her for 19 days. She was from Iraq and lived in Jordan as a refugee. After 19 days of sexual torture, she was rescued by Sister Hatune Dogan, an Eastern Orthodox nun, who payed 33,000 US dollars to ransom the tormented girl.

We are currently working with Sister Hatune to rescue Christians in Syria and Iraq, and other parts of the Middle East, who are being oppressed just as this little girl was oppressed by the evil jihadists.

She is also helping Iraqi Christians who have escaped the hell that is now Iraq and fled to Turkey. In numerous cases, Christian Iraqi women living in Turkey are hired by Muslims to be servants only to be sexually abused by them, and the victims are unable to make pleas to the police, because if they do, their Islamic abusers will report them since they are living in the country illegally. Also, many women are so starving that they are prostituting their bodies jut to earn money and feed their children. As our contact, Sister Hatune, says:

Several reports are found for sexual abusement also from the house owners where they work. But there is no legal remedy for the harassment since they are living illegally and if they complained to the police, the victims will be sent to jail. Starvation and sickness is dominating due to unemployment and adverse living condition. It is very pathetic to see the helpless unhealthy mothers struggling to breast feed their hungry children since no milk is available on them because of starvation. It is true that starvation is the most painful affair in human life and several mothers are forced to sell themselves for food and for shelter. I met several families they sell themselves for a piece of bread.

Out of the 13,000 Iraqi Christian refugees living in Turkey, 10,000 of them are being supported by Sister Hatune, and the majority of them have suffered from kidnapping, rape, robbery, and other horrors, as Sister Hatune herself says:

Most of the families are coming as refugees and have heart breaking stories of kidnapping, ransom, rape, humiliation and robbery. About 10000 refugees are the beneficiaries of the activities of the Sister Hatune Foundation in Turkey.

The violence against Christians in Iraq is at an all time high, and this is why it is so important to support Rescue Christians, because we are supporting Sister Hatune in her laborious mission to deliver Christians who are victims of rape, kidnapping, starvation, and other oppressions and torments.

Sister Hatune is so famous for her charitable and noble work for the persecuted, that she was invited by Yonadam Kanna, a member of the Iraqi parliament, to visit Iraq in order to investigate and observe the horrific situation of Christians in the war-torn country.

Sister Hatune helps tremendously the Christians in Iraq. She assisted the persecuted in Kurdish dominated Northern Iraq, where they are persecuted by the Muslim Kurds. She spoke of one event in which Kurdish Muslim youths set a Christian garden to the flames while the Christians were attending a church service:

The Christians in northern Iraq see no future. They are forced to learn the Kurdish language and to submit to the Islamic majority. In a Christian village, the gardens were burned by Islamic youth, planned by their parents, while the believers were in the service.

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