Muslim Convert in Norway Tortures Baby Daughter to Death

(Translated from Norwegian report:)

Wanted to teach her daughter respect

Sometimes reality goes beyond imagination. It is an unbelievable report we hear about in hall 250 in Oslo courthouse.

A mother (28) is indicted for the murder of her 18-month-old daughter, by sinking her head down into a bucket of water.

Before this, the girl had been badly abused for several months.

The mother acknowledged hitting her daughter with a flat hand, showering her in cold water, and covering her mouth with tape when she was crying. She also forced her to eat hot chili powder and deprived her of sleep. On several occasions, the mother punished the daughter with a “time-out,” and the girl’s feet were tied with her mother’s hijab.

She forced her to sleep on the floor. Held her head under running cold water. Dipped her in to a bucket of water – head first.

This was supposedly happening on direct instructions from the mother’s Pakistani friend (35) from London. He was following the situation via Skype and MSN. He is being prosecuted for contributing to the abuse, but he is pleading not guilty. The mother denies the murder, but is admitting to the abuse.

Hard time growing up

According to the mother, the reason for the abuse was that the daughter needed to learn how to respect adults. Or else she could end up like other Norwegian girls, who are almost wishing to be raped.

The accused mother was born and raised in Oslo. Her father is of Pakistani origin and her mother is ethnic Norwegian. She and her three sisters were raised by her father, after her mother left when they where still little girls.

It was a cruel upbringing for the 28-year-old mother. She was bullied in school. Raped for the first time at the age of 14. Later she was a victim of several gang-rapes done by Pakistani boys.

At the age of 19, she married to her cousin and moved to Pakistan. At several times she stressed to the court that this was an arranged marriage, but it was not forced. She married voluntarily; she saw it as an opportunity to get away from the misery of Oslo and move to Pakistan.

The couple had two children, a son and a daughter, but life in Pakistan did not go as expected, so she moved back to Oslo with the children and wanted a divorce.

Took over control

It was at this time that the woman found her co-accused friend from London. He is married there, but wants her to be his second wife. According to her testimony, this man completely took over control of her life, especially the upbringing of the daughter: this was controlled electronically from London.

The 35-year-old man told the mother that it was very important to teach the daughter respect for the adults. Then she would have a good life. This respect was supposedly best taught through violence and force.

Today the 28 year-old-woman cannot believe she let herself be controled like this; she only wished the best for her daughter. She did not want her daughter to grow up the way she did. To make this happen, she blindly trusted her 7-year-older friend; today she regrets this dearly.

Later this week, the 35-year-old man will start his account, and it is suspected to be quite different. In this case the parties are disagreeing on the facts and on the law.

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