Family Beheads Daughter's Boyfriend in India

Despite the laws passed by the government of India, cases of honor killing are not ready to stop in the country. Every now and then, we hear 2-3 cases related to honor killing. Another incident of "honor killing" has been reported from Bulandshahr, India, where a Muslim boy was beheaded by the family members of a Muslim girl because the two of them were in love with each other. What's more, the girl has gone missing.

Reports suggest that the girl had fled with the boy in order to get married because they knew that their family members would never accept their relation. However, when the girl's parents came to know about it, they contacted their daughter and asked her to come back with the boy.

The parents comforted their daughter by saying that once she is back, they would let her marry the boy she was in love with. However, they defied her trust by killing the boy at the time of marriage.

The boy was beheaded by the members of the girl's family. As of now, the police are investigating the matter.

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