Sheriff Launches Investigation Into Shotgun Attack

By Martin Mawyer  

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is investigating claims by a Muslim group that their “village” in Red House, VA, was attacked by an “Islamophobic gang of criminals” who fired off “thirteen shotgun blasts” into their welcoming sign.

The Islamic group, known as “Muslims of the Americas,” is a known Islamic group operating inside the United States that trains its members in guerrilla warfare.  I recently authored a book about the organization called “Twilight in America,” that identified the 30-year history of this violent group which was once listed as a “terrorist organization” by the U.S. State Department.  More can be found here.

Not surprisingly, “Muslims of the Americas” (MOA), claim my book is responsible for the December 28, 2012, shotgun attack.

On its website MOA states, “This violence could be seen as a direct result of the publication of a most contentious, blatantly falsified book Twilight in America written by the fraud Martin Mawyer.”

And if shotgun blasts weren’t enough, the leader of MOA, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, makes the additional claim that some of his Muslim villages in America are “being attacked by automatic weapons and no one is arrested.”

“These criminals and their instigators must be arrested,” Sheikh Gilani says.

Because of these purported attacks, MOA claims their members are in “imminent danger.”

“Families are afraid to allow their children to play in their yards. Women are afraid to travel for fear of being attacked by a deranged zealot of his sympathizers.”

According to MOA, I’m the instigator of these deranged zealots.  They are my sympathizers.

Because of the seriousness of these accusations, and given that the group claims I’m somehow behind these weapon assaults, I sent a letter to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office asking whether an investigation has been launched.

The letter I received back can be found here.

Though the response was short, it sufficiently explains that the Sheriff's Office is taking the matter seriously.

“There is currently an ongoing investigation into the matter dated December 28, 2012,” Capt. Howard Hobgood said of the shotgun attack.

Capt. Hobgood also states, “Our officers are following leads with the purpose of finding the individuals involved and bringing charges against them.”

The Sheriff’s Office states that a deputy arrived on the scene the day of the attack and his office has since assigned two additional Investigators to probe the incident.

Yet, there is a problem here because someone has to be lying.

On its website, MOA claims that there is no police investigation.

Matthew Gardner, who serves as Public Relations director for MOA, is making the bold claim that no such police action has taken place.

In an article dated February 19th, almost two months after the assault, Gardner recounts the events of the night of the attack, writing, “unknown individuals trespassed onto a TMOA village in Red House, VA, and fired 13 shotgun blasts into a village welcoming sign.”

He then explains that Red House is not their only village facing such armed attacks.

“The village in Virginia was saved from loss of life, but such armed criminals have already been seen in many other TMOA locations.”

“Unfortunately,” he states, “when these matters are reported to police, no action is taken, which has prompted TMOA to seek justice in the courts.”

No police action?  How can that be?  The Sheriff’s Office claim they were on the scene the night of the alleged crime.

Did MOA officials not notice this police officer?  Did this deputy somehow sneak onto their “village” and write up a police report without questioning anyone about the alleged assault?

Certainly there were a lot of witnesses to this crime.  How do I know this?  Because MOA says as much in papers they filed with a court.

Here’s their claim:  “Due to the intervention of neighbors, the shooters did not enter the area further.”

Why would the responding police officer fail to interview these neighbors?  Wouldn’t the deputy have inquired into the number of shooters?  What did they look like?  Wouldn’t the police have asked how the neighbors responded to this attack?  How they intervened?  How many fired shots they heard?

Why would the Sheriff’s Office tell me they are investigating the alleged crime, but fail to let the Muslim group know they have launched an investigation?

It’s all too difficult to believe

Nevertheless, MOA is making it appear as if the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department could care less about a group of madmen shooting 13 shotgun blasts at their “village” with complete disregard for life.

What kind of message is that sending to the Muslim community?  Are they trying to embarrass the Sheriff’s Office?  Are they trying to make it appear as if the Sheriff has no regard for the life of Muslim men, women and children?  Are they trying to bring the wrath of Islam against the Sheriff’s Office?

First, MOA falsely accuses me of inspiring and encouraging these attacks and then they try to bring shame on the Sheriff’s Office for allegedly failing to investigate this purported crime.

One is led to believe there are a lot of conspiracies happening against MOA  -- there is a gang of Islamophobes who are conspiring to shoot gunfire into their villages, driven by an author who has conspired to incite this violence -- and now, joining  in, is an entire sheriff’s office that is conspiring to quash any investigation into the attack.

MOA says they now seeking “justice in the courts” because the police refuse to take action.  But what they should be seeking is a better story.  The one they’re putting out there now is riddled with more holes than their welcoming sign.

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