The New McCarthy-style Witch Hunt Against Christians

By Patti A. Pierucci  

Few alive today remember the contentious and infamous hearings held by the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the 1950s—later referred to as the McCarthy hearings, or the McCarthy “witch hunts”—which provided a glimpse into Communist activity in the United States.

Way back then, Sen. Joseph McCarthy went too far when he demanded witnesses to say what he wanted them to say, or else find themselves out of a job, out of friends, and out of money. Witnesses were required to either denounce their beliefs or rat out others with the same beliefs, or sometimes both. The result was that many Americans who were falsely accused were left with ruined lives; there was more than one suicide from the wreckage

This is all sounding familiar—the smearing of citizens’ names, the relentless pressuring and questioning, the demands for lockstep adherence to a particular mindset, the blacklisting, the rejection and threatened loss of jobs.

Ah yes, now I remember where I heard this: from the Obama Administration.

Christian conservatives are undergoing a McCarthy-style witch hunt right now within Obama’s Department of Justice (DOJ), which is demanding that all employees express their allegiance to the pro-gay agenda. The consequences of not complying are possible loss of jobs, possible prosecution, and ostracism from society. And now that we know that nearly all of our activities on the internet, e-mail or phone can be stored away in a vault somewhere for eternity, the pressure to conform to the government’s demands is stifling.

Here’s the story, as reported by Fox News:

The DOJ has been accused of religious intolerance and “viewpoint discrimination” after workers were sent an e-mail ordering them to verbally approve of homosexuality, according to a whistleblower.

The employees were e-mailed a brochure called “LGBT Inclusion at Work: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Managers.” It was published as part of “DOJ Pride,” a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees of the DOJ.

Are taxpayers really wasting money on printing brochures of this nature? And, just an observation here: They’re not really “proud” of themselves. Militant, yes, but God imbues everyone with a certain sense of shame over their behavior.

The brochure stated: “Don’t judge or remain silent” about homosexuality and an array of other sexual behaviors and identities that are so complex they can only be referred to in an alphabet soup of CAPITAL LETTERS (like LGBT). “Silence will be interpreted as disapproval,” the brochure stated.

Employees were also ordered to post “DOJ Pride” stickers in their office to indicate “that it is a safe place.” This in itself is an outrage, because it implies that if you oppose homosexuality and don’t post a sticker declaring your acceptance of, yes, sodomy, then you, and your entire office, are “unsafe” for homosexuals. The incendiary language that the DOJ uses is staggering!

One gay DOJ employee explains why the order is necessary. “Silence seems like disapproval,” he/she states. “There’s still an atmosphere of LGBT issues not being appropriate for the workplace (particularly for transgender people), or that people who bring it up are trying to rock the boat.”

So … let’s see if I have this right. You can’t just sit at your desk and do your job, politely nodding and ignoring as the alphabet soupies walk by.

You must display your approval of their lifestyles with a sticker for everyone to see.

You must submit to the thought police, even if your outward speech secretly does not match your thoughts.

You must relinquish your First Amendment rights to free speech, free expression and freedom of religion if these rights contradict the DOJ’s agenda.

So where do Christians fit into all this? Obviously, they don’t. You can’t be a Christian and oppose homosexuality and still work “safely” at the DOJ, to use their word—because you work at risk of being censured, demoted, fired, even flogged. Not really flogged, but it will feel like a flogging if, in the United States of America, you lose your job for refusing to display a sticker that, in effect, declares: “I (heart) LGBTs!”

You might be thinking that that’s enough of an outrage and the story is over. But you would be wrong, because the thought and speech police are everywhere, lurking around every corner, trying to enforce the “gay is good” agenda.

Just like McCarthy had spies and whistleblowers everywhere, ready to turn in their neighbors, co-workers and family members to the Communist hunters—the anti-Christian secularists are everywhere, fighting to enforce the principles of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.

In this shocking new world that we live in, it is not enough that homosexuals are winning what they call their “civil rights” to marry, engage in sodomy without restriction, consequence or comment, and the right to push the gay agenda in our schools, our military and our government institutions. No, that’s enough for them. They want you, Christian, to verbally testify that you approve of all this.

Don’t ever buy the lie that it’s all about the civil rights. It’s about changing our hearts, and forcing us all to call wrong right when we know it’s still wrong. Perhaps, they think, if we are forced to say it enough we will believe the lie.

For example, NBA center Jason Collins recently came out publicly as a homosexual. Not long after a sycophantic media had finally stopped to take a break from their public adulation of Collins, Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs was shredded for refusing to express an opinion on the Collins episode.

On Twitter, Briggs was pressured to make a comment on Collins’ coming out as gay. He refused by deflecting with such non-responsive responses as, “How about those Bulls!!”

All gay-friendly hell broke loose. Steve Rosenbloom, columnist for the Chicago Tribune, savaged Briggs not for making an anti-gay statement—he savaged him for refusing to make a pro-gay statement.

Rosenbloom was so outraged that the PC police, of which he is obviously an honorary member, could not bully Briggs into expressing support for homosexuality that he accused Briggs of being homophobic and intolerant. Rosenbloom demanded a public explanation, on behalf of McCarthyites everywhere.

One blogger called this the “worst case of yellow journalism” he had ever seen. I call it par for the course in this new world we are living in.

The outrages don’t end there. If you can stomach one more example of the homosexual thought police in action, here it is:

In yet another brochure put out by the DOJ (their printing presses are working overtime), female employees who are uncomfortable with transgender workers using their bathrooms have been told, in effect: “Tough—you need to get over it.”

Some female DOJ workers have expressed concerns about transgender workers using their bathroom facilities. My vague understanding of what defines a transgender is this: He/she still has all the working parts of one sex, but thinks he/she is another.

So, ladies, if a man in a dress enters the restroom and he stands up to pee, here is his message to you: “I want people to understand that I’m real. I want to be recognized as the gender I really am … Just imagine if people were constantly debating YOUR bathroom privileges. Imagine how humiliating that would be.” (Taken from the DOJ brochure, because we could not make this stuff up.)

Actually, “debating your bathroom privileges” is exactly what the transgendered dude is doing: Challenging the bathroom “privileges” of regular women who just want some female privacy in the bathroom.

DOJ workers were also told to use “inclusive” words like partner or significant other, rather than terms like husband or wife. They were also told to use a transgender person’s chosen name, even if he chooses to be called “Bambi”—and you must “use the pronoun that is consistent with the person’s self-identified gender.”

DOJ employees were told to stop using phrases like “gay lifestyle” or “sexual preference” because it could be “considered by many as offensive.

One final word about all of this, and references to McCarthyism. Sen. McCarthy was actually right about one thing: Our government had been infected with Communists who wanted to harm us. Not only that, our institutions, including the media and entertainment industries, were dominated by Communists and Communist sympathizers in the 1950s when he launched his hearings. They were a true danger to America.

Today, we are infected with another threat “from within”—forced acceptance of the gay lifestyle. We are not only enshrining it in law, we are compelling Americans to actually like it and verbally endorse the wrong.

The difference between then and now is that the investigators are the ones who are forcing this acceptance upon us. They should be turning the spotlight on themselves, not the American people.


Patti A. Pierucci is editor-in-chief for Christian Action Network, and is an award-winning writer who spent nearly two decades as a journalist. She is also a documentary scriptwriter and has worked as a ghostwriter for a number of prominent public figures, including members of Congress. She is the co-author of the Amazon best-selling book “Twilight in America,” authored by Martin Mawyer, president and founder of Christian Action Network. The book details the activities of Islamic terrorist training camps scattered throughout the United States. It can be purchased at or in book or Kindle version.

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