‘No religion’ officially overtakes Christianity in New Zealand

'No religion' overtakes Christianity in New Zealand

As per newly released data, the number of New Zealanders that identify as Christian in the country is far lower than those who claim to be ‘no religion’.

48.59% of New Zealanders have ‘no religion’ as per the 2018 data as compared to 41.92% from the 2013 Census. In the same vein, the number of people identifying as Christians have fallen to 37.31% from 47.65% in 2013.

Humanist New Zealand, a secular advocacy group, stated in a press release today that the number suggest that maybe it’s time to rethink the concessions and privileges afforded to Christians in the country.

Jolene Phipps, President of Humanist New Zealand, said “Christianity has a privileged position in public policy today that is out of step with modern New Zealand…. the concessions awarded to religious organizations clash with human rights and our concept of a free and fair society.”

Phipps also said that non-religious people needed more recognition, representation, support and services.

The numbers from 2018 consensus shows an increase in the number of people identifying with other religions. The number of Sikhs in the country has more than doubled since 2013 with a significant increase in the number of Hindus and Muslims or those that practice Islam.


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