Noisy pro-life protesters prompt city noise ordinance

Photo Clarion-Ledger

Residents and businesses objected to noisy pro-life protest outside an abortion clinic in Jackson, MS. However, protestors claim to be exercising their right to free speech. Both the sides have voiced individual concerns regarding a proposed noise ordinance.

Standing room only crowd was drawn at Jackson City Council after loud pro-life protests that included bullhorns took place at the abortion clinic, Jackson Women’s Health Organization. 

An ordinance prohibiting certain specific activities near facilities providing health care was discussed by city leaders. 

Jackson City attorney Tim Howard said “You have the individuals’ right to free speech to be able to criticize someone’s medical choice that’s recognized. On the other hand individuals have a right to be able to enter into a medical facility unimpeded by trauma and close personal confrontation.”

Opponents and supporters shared their views with the council.

Shannon Brewer, director of Jackson Women’s Health Organization told city leaders“The council needs to hear what the day to day reality is like in the Fondren place outside the clinic by someone who is actually there every day. It is chaotic. It is a dangerous situation, and there is regular potential for violence”.

Pastor Elijah Friedeman while speaking against the ordinance said, “Almost all the ladies who enter the abortion clinic arrive in a vehicle. They can just ignore counselor as they come in. They are not impeded or interfered with as they enter the clinic.”

However, Mike Peters who represents businesses in the Fondren area said, “Their customers are harassed constantly. I have residents that live there that work at the hospitals that get woke up in the mornings.”

The ordinance motion is withdrawn for now and shall be placed on future council agendas. 


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