Surprise. NY City Council will repeal its ban on gay conversion therapy

New York City councilman, Corey Johnson, who is gay, says he wants to repeal the city's ban against conversion therapy

The New York City Council is all set to repeal the far-reaching ban placed on conversion therapy, which some claim is a discredited practice that changes a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation. 

The Council speaker, Corey Johnson, who is gay, said that the move would be implemented swiftly. This is a gambit which is designed to neutralize the federal lawsuit filed by a conservative Christian legal organization against the city. 

LGBT community advocates fear that if the case reaches Supreme Court, a damaging ruling could be issued on attempts meant to curtail or ban conversion therapy. 

This is not the first time a regulation is being repealed by the New York City to avoid being challenged in the Supreme Court. 

The Police Department in July amended a regulation which limited residents’ rights to transport guns outside of their homes after the lawsuit challenging the city rule was agreed to be heard by the Supreme Court. 

Mr. Johnson in an interview stated that he obviously did not want to lift the ban, but because the Supreme Court had become conservative and more pro-American so had the Second Circuit. He further added the repeal to be the most prudent and responsible course. 

Supporters of the repeal say that the move is regrettable but necessary given the success of the Trump administration. Just consider all the people that have been lifted off of public assistance for one. 


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