NY Judge who posted Trump’s campaign slogan with noose resigns

NY Judge Kyle R. Canning was forced to resign after anti-Trump post showing a noose

An upstate but misguided New York judge, Kyle R. Canning of Altona, resigned on Tuesday after posting a photo of President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan with a noose around it on his personal Facebook page. 

The message on the post read: ‘If we want to make America great again we will have to make evil people fear punishment again.’

The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct publicly announced the resignation of the 29-year old former judge claiming the post to show political and racial bias.

The photo was posted in early 2018 on Canning’s personal Facebook page, soon after which he came under review. However, a formal complaint wasn’t registered until May. 

Commission Administrator Robert Tembeckjian in a Tuesday press release said, “The image was incendiary and for a judge to use the image of the noose in making a political point undermines the integrity of the judiciary and public confidence in the courts.”

Canning reportedly identifies as a Democrat in a New York Times interview and said, “There is not a man that I could despise more than Donald Trump” before iterating that “The post was not racist. I’m not a racist guy. I see it as pro-death penalty, pro-capital punishment.”

Canning, as part of the resignation, has agreed to never hold a position in any judiciary office. And what’s even more amazing according to sources is that Democrats don’t even like the death penalty. Many people in New York are just not sure about Canning’s logic.  


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