Obedient Christians Profess Truth to Al-Noor Mosque, New Zealand

With the death of a 46-year-old Turkish mosque member Thursday, the death count from the massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand, rose to 51. Outreach efforts by Christian evangelists have resulted in the gospel being presented to many Muslims in New Zealand since the racist-supremacist terrorist attack March 15. (Getty Images photo)

The Daily Mail – A group of Pentecostal Christians rallied outside the mosque which was the main site of the Christchurch terror attacks to declare that the city and country belong to Jesus Christ, who is the one true God.

The religious activists set up outside Al-Noor mosque where 42 of the 50 victims of the massacre were killed, before broadcasting their message through a loudspeaker on Thursday afternoon.

The group included members from Destiny Church, a Pentecostal fundamentalist Christian movement based in Auckland. Senior pastor Derek Marina Tait, who was present on the day, said the gathering was to reaffirm the country was of the Christian faith.

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