Oberlin College to Pay $11-Million For Fake Racism Claims By Its Students

Oberlin College holds growing national notoriety for the leftist zealotry of its students and ridiculous accommodations for students that include demands for an $8.50 minimum wage for students as they protest, facilitating more activism, abolishing midterms, banning grades below C and placing “trigger warnings” in literature classics. (Wall Street Journal photo)

The Daily Mail – An Ohio college will pay $11 million after a jury sided with Gibson’s Bakery: their claim that students hurt their business and committed libel by labeling them racist after white employee Allyn D. Gibson confronted a shoplifter in 2016.

Gibson chased the black Oberlin College student who he suspected of stealing wine out of the store and, according to witness accounts reported by The New York Times, put the man in a choke-hold before two of the student’s friends intervened causing a brawl.

Oberlin College students claimed that Gibson’s act was racist, held multiple protests outside the bakery and in a flyer handed out by students, encouraged others to boycott the business.

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