Ohio Joins Challenge to Roe-v-Wade, Protects In-Utero People

A newly signed Ohio law ranks among the most restrictive abortion measures in the U.S., as Fla., Md., Minn., Miss., Mo., S.C. and W.V. also have or seek "heartbeat" bills that challenge the Roe-v-Wade status quo. Meanwhile, N.Y., N.M., Md., R.I., Vt., and Va. rank among Democrat-Party states that support abortion and infanticide. (AP photo)

Fox News – Gov. Mike DeWine, (R-Oh) signed into law Thursday one of the nation’s toughest restrictions on abortion, the so-called heartbeat bill, after the state legislature approved it on Wednesday.

John Kasich, DeWine’s predecessor, vetoed the measure twice while in office, saying the law creates a costly court battle likely to be found unconstitutional. Before DeWine signed the legislation, the ACLU said they had a constitutional challenge to the law ready.

The ACLU acts on behalf of abortion provider Pre-Term Cleveland and three other pro-abortion clinics. “Similar versions of this abortion ban stand 0-4 in federal court. Soon to be 0-5,” Ohio chapter ACLU tweeted. The ACLU national office added: “We’ll see you in court.”

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