Once-Puritan Northeastern U.S. Ranks as Most Apostate, Post-Christian

Northeast regions are surveyed as the most post-Christian in nature according to the Barna Group that asked more than 21,000 adults in major metropolitan areas. How that translates to rural areas such as upstate Vermont is not included in reports. (Puzzle Warehouse photo)

The Christian Post – The Northeastern U.S., once known as a bulwark of Puritans and other strict Christian sects, now dominates the top 10 list of the most post-Christian cities, according to a report by the Barna Group.

The report released Wednesday drew from data based on interviews with 21,378 adults over a 10-year period that concluded in April 2018, with a sampling error of plus-or-minus 0.7-percent. The cities were listed in geographic area classifications known as Designated Market Areas, a term developed by The Nielsen Company to define a local media market.

Springfield-Holyoke, Mass., ranked as the most post-Christian city in America, with 66-percent of the surveyed population fitting Barna’s definition for the term.

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