Opponent Outs Va. Gov. Northam as Extremist, Cult of Death Leader

Democrat Ralph Northam delivered a victory speech after winning the Virginia Governor election two years ago, saying nothing about pushing an extremist pro-abortion agenda that includes infanticide, killing a birthed baby before being "resuscitated" as long as the umbilical chord is not yet cut. (Fox News photo)

The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam – a pediatrician by trade – wants abortion legal and practiced up to the point of delivery when a baby is struggling for first breath outside the womb.

In other words, he’s pushing for the practice of infanticide in Virginia, joining super-liberal, pro-abortion states like New York that just passed similar measures into law earlier in January.

Northam’s opponent for the race to be Lt. Governor six years ago, Bishop E.W. Jackson, now leading the advocacy group S.T.A.N.D. America, has something to say about this seemingly sudden revelation of abortion extremism.

“I hate to say it, but I saw this one coming, and I said so,” Jackson said. “I warned that he was an abortion extremist. The mainstream media ignored me, and even some Republicans thought I was exaggerating.”

They viewed Jackson to be the extremist for being blunt. But it is not good enough to cry out an “I told you so,” Jackson said that Northam, the so-called nice Southern gentleman, along with others of the pro-abortion left are vamping up their extremism like never before.

He went as far as to call it a campaign to institute a cult of death into power on a national scale.

Extremist? Too blunt? Jackson wanted to explain in detail.

Bishop E.W. Jackson calls out Gov. Ralph Northam as an extremist abortionist who advocates for infanticide. (YouTube video still)

Jackson’s opposition research included observations of Northam in smaller gatherings where his true views came out, and exposing them came to no avail as the Democrats swept to power in Virginia.

“Now he’s governor of Virginia and has just made a thoroughly monstrous statement about legalizing the killing of a baby after it has been delivered,” Jackson said. “In other words, Dr. Ralph Northam, pediatrician, supports infanticide.”

Northam’s comments can be seen in an article here.

“A discussion would be had as to whether the child should be allowed to live,” Jackson said. “Does anyone not see this as murder?

“This is barbarism worthy of totalitarian dictators who love to kill,” he added. “Apparently these are the values of the modern Democrat Party which is Marxist in everything but name: no God, no right or wrong . . .

Who is next? The elderly? The mentally disabled? Who else doesn’t deserve to live? You? Me?

“This is how communists think, not Americans. We are in a pitched battle for the soul of the country.”

Jackson said that it is simply breathtaking the pace at which the left in America is vamping up their push for the most extreme views on abortion. The fact that Northam’s infanticide push in Virginia fell short in a close committee vote doesn’t mean the push is over.

“It will be back,” Jackson said. “There is a solution. It’s not easy, but it is simple. When Christians don’t vote, evil wins. When Christians vote, righteousness wins.”

Jackson concluded that Christian involvement at the ballot box is needed, in primaries and general elections, every time. More Christians who have not been involved need to stir themselves and act.

“This move toward murder and infanticide should sound the alarm,” Jackson said. “The left is openly promoting infanticide. What’s next?

“Or more to the point, who is next?” he pointed out. “The elderly? The mentally disabled? Who else doesn’t deserve to live? You? Me? We need to stop them now.

“This Marxist, Godless mob is hell bent on fundamentally transforming our country. Now we see in stark terms that they want to transform it into a cult of death.”


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