Parents Coerced into Allowing Child’s Transition, Study Reveals

It’s not exactly a shocker that more than half of parents with transgender children have been bullied into letting their kid switch teams.

The culprits?

Doctors, therapists, teachers, and of course, social media. The other half of parents were most likely too busy soaking up the wisdom of MSNBC or diligently reading The New York Times to notice their kids were being bullied.

The study, which surveyed 257 parents of transgender children aged 3 to 25, revealed a staggering 57% who confessed to feeling pressured to allow their child to transition.

Meanwhile, 42% were rightly concerned about the process.

This worrisome research by Northwestern University psychology professor Michael Bailey highlights the growing controversy surrounding the surge in young people identifying as trans or non-binary.

A considerable portion of these children, born female, felt compelled to identify as trans due to relentless peer pressure.

Parents also pointed the finger at online platforms for pressuring girls to transition, as if the internet is now a gender factory to turn out new identities for the sake of clicks and likes.

When parents dared to express their doubts or asked for their child’s mental health issues to be resolved first, they were met with a cruel ultimatum.

They were told refusing would inflict emotional harm on their child and, in the worst case, drive them to suicide.

“If these parents express any doubts, or ask that their child’s mental health issues be resolved first, they are warned that they are causing further emotional harm to their child — and might even drive them to suicide,” the paper reported.

Absolutely disgraceful.

This follows the appalling allegations made by a former case manager, Jamie Reed, against the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

In February, Reed accused the hospital of manipulating parents into accepting their child’s gender identity by painting a grim picture: either have a transgender child or risk losing them to suicide.

The survey, which collected responses from December 2017 to October 2021, had a majority of participants who were biological parents of transgender children. But some were step-parents, grandparents, and adoptive parents.

So, there you have it. The world has gone mad, and our children are paying the price.


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