Parents Question Transgender Ideology’s Aggressive Push for Child Sex Changes

The American Academy of Pediatrics has come under scrutiny by parents of children identified as "transgender" for being aggressive to apply pharmaceutical and even surgical therapies under the umbrella of "affirmative therapy" the parents say does great harm in some cases. ( photo)

Parents desperate and hurting because of their children who have been deemed “transgender-identified” struck back against aggressive transgender ideology in the form of a lengthy appeal to the American Academy of Pediatrics, (the AAP)

The parents did this because AAP policy is “comprehensive care” of “transgender” and “gender-diverse” children, to affirm them toward transitioning away from their birth sex regardless if the gender dysphoria may only be temporary.

It also includes denying gender dysphoria as a problem at all. The parents said the AAP focus is “inadvertently inflicting physical and psychological harm.”

The AAP presently centers on what is called “affirmation therapy,” that predominantly presumes transgender transitioning is taking place.

It quickly “includes consideration or engagement in affirmative pharmaceutical therapies and serial cosmetic surgeries,” in the treatment of youth who even just question their so-called “gender identity,” according to the parents.

“This grave scientific error is repeated in the on-going National Institute of Health (NIH) study where there is no comparative or control group and only affirmation therapy is tested in clinic-registered youth,” the parents’ statement reads.

this grave scientific error is repeated

It continues: “An example of an appropriate comparative therapy group would:

  • include one that was holistically treated for underlying mental health issues,
  • engaged in regular physical activity that is enjoyable to the youth,
  • assisted with building strong social connections, and that is
  • supported by loving families who do not affirm that the youth is in the wrong body but
  • instead only asks the youth to be open to all the possible reasons why they feel that way.”

Some concerns, according to the parents, include the ultimate harmfulness of increased suicides, happening after transgender treatments and affirmation therapies that are applied.

Their statement forms a booklet-sized report with extensive footnotes and references to numerous research facts.

It is proffered by, “Parents of Trans-identifying Youth,” anonymous because of legal threats in “cases where parents do not comply with subjecting their children to experimental therapies.”

The parents also noted that numerous pediatricians and therapists support them but remain silent because of the slander of several who used “non-affirmation” approaches to gender-dysphoria ideas in youth, and because of others “targeted” by the “forces of transactivism.”



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