Parents sue after daughter attempts suicide TWICE over school’s efforts to transition her

Paterson Elementary School

It is becoming increasingly clear that many public school educators see themselves as the parents young people should have, worming into students’ personal and even sexual lives to promote homosexuality and transgenderism and to overturn values taught at home.

Now the parents of a Florida elementary schooler are suing their school district after their daughter attempted suicide. The parents say the school was trying to secretly “transition” the girl to a male gender identity, reports the Washington Examiner.

Filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, the suit claims that the daughter of Wendell and Maria Perez, a sixth-grader at Paterson Elementary School in Fleming Island, Fla., adopted a male transgender identity at school with the help of staff there. The teachers and administrators are accused of hiding it all from the Perezes.

It took two suicide attempts in two days on school grounds for the school to tell the Perezes about their daughter’s “male gender identity,” the lawsuit says, stating: “Prior to the [suicide attempt], A.P. had not exhibited any signs of gender confusion or questioning of her biological sex. … In fact, just before the incident she had told her mother that she believed that people who say they are transgender have a problem with their minds because ‘if you’re a boy, you’re a boy, if you’re a girl, you’re a girl.’”

The court filing says that both the girl and the school sought to keep the Perezes in the dark due to the family’s Catholic faith, which holds that sex and gender are God-given and unchangeable.

The Perezes are being represented by the Child and Parental Rights Campaign, a nonprofit that previously filed a lawsuit in Florida over a similar case in Tallahassee. In that case, a public school covertly aided a female middle schooler’s “transition” to a male identity.

Child and Parental Rights Campaign President Vernadette Broyles told Action News Jacksonville that a gender transition is “a serious mental health decision that school personnel are not qualified, not competent, and not authorized to make.”

A California mother recently claimed that daughter was coached into a gender “change” by two of her teachers, only to revert to her actual gender when the school district went to remote classes as a response to COVID-19.


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