Parents sue school district that attempted to ‘punish’ and ‘frighten’ dissenting voices

Scottsdale Unified School District/ Facebook

When a school board president appeared to go full-STASI or full-KGB on parents who were speaking out against school board policies at public meetings, compiling a dossier on them that included private financial and even personal information, the parents got mad. Really mad.

Now three parents in the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) are suing the district, former SUSD governing board President Jann-Michael Greenburg, his father and his father’s wife over the assembling and publishing of a “dossier” allegedly intended to intimidate them after they publicly criticized Greenburg, FOX News is reporting.

The trove of parental Social Security numbers, background checks, a divorce paper, mortgage documents, trade certifications, and screen captures of Facebook posts was kept in a Google Drive account, and Greenburg inadvertently revealed the location of the trove when he sent a screen capture of one item to parent Kimberly Stafford in August. In the background, unfortunately for Greenburg, was the URL of the publicly available Google Drive account, and all Stafford had to do was type it in to see what Greenburg had allegedly been gathering.

The lawsuit by Stafford and parents Amanda Wray and Edmond Richard claims that the defendants “misused District resources and what should have been private, protected parent communications to the District to retaliate against Plaintiffs for their protected speech.” It goes on to charge that the Greenburgs and the district conspired “to silence and punish dissenting voices and frighten away other potential speakers who might dare express an opposing point of view.”

The dossier reportedly contained materials on some 47 parents who dared to speak out against Greenburg’s policies on COVID-19 restrictions and critical race theory, among other matters. The items in it included 18 folders marked CAN-Network, referring to the Community Advocacy Network, a group of parents that formed in 2020 in favor of in-person school and against mask use.

One item labels parents as “wackos.”


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