Pence Backs U.S. Flag Free of LGBTQ Agenda as Appropriate Abroad

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence stood up for keeping the banner of the United States of America from being sullied by the politics of perverse sexual addictions and predators of LGBTQ leftists, by saying that the so-called "Pride Flag" shall not be used at embassies abroad. (Carolyn Marshall poetry/photo)

Newsweek – Vice President Mike Pence said the State Department made the right decision to not fly rainbow flags at U.S. embassies during June’s LGBTQ Pride Month. Pence vocally supported the policy of flying only American flags.

On the heels of President Donald Trump’s support for LGBTQ beliefs and a call for countries to decriminalize homosexuality, the State Department said only one flag should fly at embassies. Pence defended that stance.

“We both feel that way very passionately, but when it comes to the American flagpole and American embassies and capitals around the world, having the one American flag fly is the right decision,” Pence said.

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