Sacramento public workers demand PEPPER SPRAY to defend against vagrants

Homeless in Sacramento

Five out of twenty groundskeepers in the struggling state’s capital have been assaulted by homeless transients in the last quarter, after which the staff has asked for pepper spray to defend themselves against vagrants.

The unprovoked attacks involved scratching and punching, which resulted in one of the employees having to seek medical attention, as reported by Good Day Sacramento. 

CBS13 stated that one of the incidents that took place outside the Secretary of State’s office involved a groundskeeper being punched in the face by a homeless person. Another was attacked when he moved to clean a war memorial in Capitol Park.

California has the most homeless people in the country by far.

The groundskeeper’s Department of General Services has now been asked by the International Union of Operating Engineers to allow workers to carry pepper spray for extra security. 

Many people are asking why California allows homeless people to do whatever they want?

Brandy Johnson, a 39 Union spokesperson, said that the situation could always escalate into something more dangerous than punches. This comes two days after US President Trump vowed to treat the homeless crisis as priority and to do something about it. 

Trump told reporters while headed to Californiafor a two-day visit on the Air Force One that he was mulling the creation of a task force to tackle the problem.

Some people say this is just one reason so many people are leaving California. 


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