Petition to Barnes & Noble: Stop Selling Obscene Books to Minors

Dear Mr. James Daunt, Barnes & Noble, Chief Executive Officer:

Books depicting children having or discussing sex have no business being sold in American bookstores, much less being made available for purchase by minors without parental consent.

A judge in Virginia has already ruled there is “probable cause” that two books being sold by Barnes & Noble should be considered obscene for minors.

The two books in question are “Gender Queer” and “A Court of Mist and Fury.”

Both books describe salacious, prurient sexual activity, with “Gender Queer” actually showing anatomically correct drawings of sexual acts between children!

As Chief Executive Officer of Barnes & Noble, you and your executive staff should be ashamed that these books are on Barnes & Nobel shelves, in full display, obtainable, viewable and purchasable by children of any age!

Quite frankly, I’m surprised people who put this type of trash in the hands of small children aren’t being arrested! Perhaps they will be after the lawsuit filed against Barnes & Noble is completed.

Mr. Daunt, stop being the enemy of parents by selling these books without parental consent. But even more, stop being the enemy of children by polluting their innocent minds with obscene books!


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