Philadelphia may force all charter schools to accommodate trans kids


Philadelphia City Council is mulling a proposal that could force children-serving institutions to accommodate gender-nonconforming youth and transgender, including allowing them use bathrooms that are consistent with their identified gender.

The proposal would also require staffers working with young people to undergo regular anti-discrimination training.

Further, it stipulates that no personnel shall be allowed to disclose a child’s gender-nonconformity or transgender identity to anyone, including other staff and parents, unless expressly authorized by the child, as part of the anti-discrimination guidelines.

The bill, introduced by City Councilwoman Helen Gym, is expected to expand School District of Philadelphia’s existing rules to include charter schools, sports leagues, rec centers, and every other institution that serves youth in the city.

However, it is not clear whether religious institutions will be included.

The move comes after Gym heard some youth-serving institutions in the city had indulged in discrimination and mistreatment. The proposal follows on the footsteps of the roll-back by President Donald Trump’s administration of the Obama-era protections put in place for gender-nonconforming and transgender students attending public schools.

The legislation is supported by various groups, including the Education Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the William Way LGBT Community Center.


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