Pittsburgh Imam Teaches That Jews Run Everything, Christians Stray

According to Pittsburgh Imam Na'eem Abdullah: Jews run everything and have all the money; white supremacy co-opted Judaism and Christianity; black people in America are under occupation; the black liberation army was effective; black nationalism is a blessing. (MEMRI photo)

Jewish News Syndicate – In lectures uploaded October 2016-December 2018 to the YouTube channel of the Nur Uz-Zamaan Institute in Pittsburgh, Pa., Pittsburgh-based Imam Na’eem Abdullah focused on the subject of the Jews.

He said that the “American empire is often considered by many scholars to be … a continuation of the Roman Empire” and that the Jews are “running everything,” stating either “the real Jews, or the Ashkenazi [Jews].”

He noted that the Koran states, in the opening chapter that “we are asking Allah to guide us on the straight path and [to not] make us like the Jews. …  ‘And not like those who go astray’—the Christians.”

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