Prayers to be allowed during Friday football game at Lowndes County Schools

New policy now allowing student-led prayers before Friday night football games at Lowndes County Schools.

A new policy was announced by the Lowndes County Schools Board of Education for allowing student-led prayers before the Friday football game. 

The Board of Education, on Monday, had its first reading of the new policy which allowed students at a Lowndes County, Georgia High School to lead with a prayer right before any football game (even though they could do it anyway because it does not take anyone too long to pray). 

The policy comes after an omission on the administration’s part of not allowing prayers at the September 6thhome game that left many fans and students upset. 

The new policy, which was introduced on Monday to a crowded boardroom, is designed to allow students to present everything from a song and prayer, to a poem before the game. Fans, alumni, and parents praised and cheered the board’s decision. 

President of the Vikings Touchdown Club, Darrel Presley reportedly said, “What message do you want Lowndes County, and most importantly these students to learn from your decision, and you voiced overwhelmingly the right one.”

Dave Clark, Board Chairman, iterated that they understood the concerns of the community and that their top priority was to make sure that the policy followed the law. But many people know that human written law is inferior and has no basis when it comes to people praying.

There’s even a few people that pointed out that if America wanted to regulate prayer it would be going the route of Cuba and China.  


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