Pre-school children in NC school are shown LGBT flashcards to teach them colors

Ballentine Elementary School/ Facebook

What if your children were taught in preschool that they could fly by jumping out of a tree, that they can turn invisible, or that if they wish hard enough they can be a dog?

The Wake County, N.C. school system is suddenly investigating why preschoolers there were shown a flashcard picturing a couple with an obvious female cradling in her arms an obvious male who is obviously pregnant.

Inexplicably, the flashcard was to teach the color “white.” Both the human figures appear Latin, although both are pictured wearing white clothing items. The point is obviously the male figure’s round belly, which the figure is holding pregnant-woman style.

Is this what teaching has become?

A press release from N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore reported that a constituent of state Rep. Erin Paré emailed her about the LGBTQ flashcards being used at Ballentine Elementary School in Fuquay-Varina, N.C., the Raleigh News & Observer reports. The principal of the school removed the cards after being contacted by Paré.

“The district is concerned to learn of the inappropriate instructional resource found in a preschool classroom,” the school district said in the statement. “In order to help fulfill the educational goals and objectives of the school system, we strive to provide high-quality instructional materials that will enrich and support the curriculum and enhance student learning.”

The “striving” apparently did not include actually looking at what children were being shown or told.

“An initial review determined that flashcards were not tied to the district’s Pre-K curriculum, did not complement, enrich, or extend the curriculum, and were used without the Principal’s review, knowledge, and/or approval,” read the statement.

Paré, a Wake County Republican, praised the principal for quickly removing the flashcards. “I am grateful that a concerned constituent reached out and that this issue is being addressed in a swift and professional manner by Ballentine Elementary School,” Paré said in the news release. “Schools should only be using age-appropriate materials, and these flashcards clearly do not meet that standard for a pre-school classroom. I hope schools across Wake County and the State of North Carolina will follow the example of Ballentine and respond swiftly when a parent expresses concern and ensure that materials like this are not being used to teach young students.”

Republican State Superintendent Catherine Truitt tweeted of the gay propaganda: “I can think of a hundred other ways to teach colors to pre-school children. … Classroom materials need to be age-appropriate, and this certainly doesn’t meet the mark.”

In this case, not even reality-on-planet-Earth is appropriate.


  1. Neighboring DPS Durham Public Schools North Carolina is celebrating pride month right now. You can see the pride flag on the website. I do not understand how putting this flag on a minor’s school website is appropriate.


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