President Trump Positives Surge Past 50-Percent

President Donald Trump celebrated a positive approval poll, posting on Twitter his 53-percent standing according to Rasmussen, the only research group willing to track presidential approval following the release of the Mueller probe results. (Twitter photo)

The Daily Mail – President Donald Trump celebrated reaching 53 per cent approval rating in a new poll Tuesday. Trump hasn’t seen this level of approval from Rasmussen Reports pollsters since March 3, 2017 – a bit over a month after he took office.

In Tuesday’s polling, 45 per cent of likely voters said they disapproved of Trump, down 2 per cent from the day before. The president celebrated this milestone on Twitter, and said he is ‘working hard’ for the American people.

In the days following his inauguration, Trump reached up to 59 per cent approval. He often cites Rasmussen when celebrating positive poll results. Its researchers now conduct the only remaining daily presidential approval tracking poll.

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