Pro-Palestine Terrorism Blurb Sneaked Into NJ Children’s Book

Golbarg Bashi wrote a page for the letter I in her children's alphabet book, but I stands for "Intifada," the violent uprising movement that terrorized Israel and surrounding territories for political reasons, part of her book, "P is for Palestine." (Molly Enking photo)

BPR News – Members of the Jewish community in New Jersey are trying to stop a local library from putting out a children’s alphabet book called “P is for Palestine.” Book Author Golbarg Bashi is an Iranian-American whose past works also have stirred emotions.

The Highland Park Library temporarily removed the book and postponed a public reading after receiving a steady stream of complaints claiming it introduces violence and antisemitism to kids.

“It’s being used to teach little children about how great the Palestinians are and we should murder the Jews, that’s the bottom line,” Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg said. One in particular is the “I” page, which says, “I is for Intifada.”

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