Prosecutor: Same-Sex Couples Not Qualified as Domestic, Married

Tennessee county prosecutor Craig Northcott stirred controversy by indicating he would not defend cases of violence or assault under legal terms of domestic endangerment if a couple involved was homosexual and therefore not truly married in his view of the terms of marriage. (Facebook photo)

Huff Post – A Tennessee prosecutor who recently faced calls to resign for calling Muslims inherently evil faces controversy again as a video surfaced of him saying same-sex couples aren’t entitled to domestic violence protections.

Craig Northcott, district attorney of Coffee County, spoke about the local church’s role in government at a Bible conference in 2018 when he shared how his personal beliefs can create conflict in his professional life.

“Are you going to do what God says, or are you going to do what man says?” he said when asked about same-sex marriage being legalized at the federal level. Nashville station News Channel 5 reported Monday on the video posted by Dean Bible Ministries.

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