Public Bus System Sees the Light on Free Speech for Life

A pro-life ad will run on city buses that proclaims the life principles of humanity having value at the level of the individual person if inside the the womb or outside: in-utero people are equally human, the individually ongoing biological growth resulting from human conception - it is being human by definition, an argument that can not be broken. (ADF Media photo)

The Christian Post – An Indiana-based pro-life group will now be allowed to run an ad on the sides of buses featuring two images of human fetuses after being initially rejected by a public transportation system.

The Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation, also called CityBus, recently agreed to allow an ad from Tippecanoe County Right to Life less than a year after the pro-life group filed a lawsuit against them.

Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Samuel Green, whose law firm represented Right to Life, celebrated CityBus’ decision in a statement Thursday. “We are thankful that CityBus is now allowing this educational message to reach people as they study, shop and commute,” stated Green.

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