Realtor group accuses pastor of ‘hate speech’ over event to ‘expose the LGBTQ Agenda’

Pastor Brandon Huber/ Linkedin

Ironically, a Montana pastor who spoke out against the “LGBTQ Agenda that Controls our Lives and Kills our Liberty” is having his life controlled and his liberty killed.

Who is targeting pastor and realtor Brandon Huber of Clinton? A realtor group of which he is also a member.

Realtors normally help home buyers and sellers complete transactions. The notion of them becoming a moral watchdog group concerned with people’s moral and religious views appears to be something new.

Yet the Missoula Organization of Realtors seems to be embracing its new job of imposing morality with gusto.

According to the Daily Montanan, Huber has been hit with a $5,000 fine by the Missoula Organization of Realtors and is being required to go through a “diversity training” course to teach him how to embrace homosexuality, according to the group.

Huber is accused of “hate speech” against homosexuals after a post on social media about an event at his church that would “expose the LGBTQ Agenda that Controls our Lives and Kills our Liberty.”

“Although this is the respondent’s first violation of the Code, these violations are considered very serious and based upon a disregard for the Code of Ethics,” said the realtors’ somber decision, filed with a July 27 court document.

Huber says the realtors are trying to abridge his religious freedom, and his lawyer said he will not be paying the $5,000 fine or attending the re-education course.

Missoula Organization of Realtors CEO Jim Bachand would not comment on the matter, citing confidentiality required by the Code of Ethics. Interestingly, the realtor panel also found Huber to have violated confidentiality rules in the Code of Ethics simply by making a court filing and describing the situation online.

That is, the organization does not like having its activities known or talked about.

Huber filed a complaint that the realtor group is targeting him for “protected religious activities,” but has not yet been successful. Judge Jason Marks said allegations of religious discrimination were “premature,” and Huber first needed to go through the professional organization’s administrative process before turning to the legal system.

The realtor organization’s decision notes its judgment isn’t final, and that Huber can appeal it.

“We can appeal that decision to their Board of Directors, and I imagine we probably will, but the fix is in,” said Bozeman lawyer Matthew Monforton, who represents Huber. “They’ve undertaken this action because they hate Pastor’s Huber’s religious faith, and they’re doing it to penalize him for it.”


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