Replacing Global Warming with Climate Change was to broaden the lie

Climate activists in France glue themselves to sports cars

The fairy tale myth that is driving young adults into madness as they glue themselves to floors, cars, and even dinosaurs to protest fossil fuels

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed – and hence clamorous to be led to safety – by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” H.L. Mencken, American journalist, 1880-1956

Remember when the phrase “climate change” used to be called “global warming”?

Of course you do.

But what most people don’t remember is that before the phrase “global warming” became a thing, it was called “inadvertent climate modification” in the 1960s and 1970s.

“Global warming” took hold in the late 1970s to refer to the planet’s warming due to man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

This name change came just on the heels of a four-decades-long period of global cooling, during which some scientists were concerned that we might enter another ice age if we didn’t radically reduce our CO2 emissions.

Now we call it “climate change” because eco-alarmists couldn’t blame “global warming” for earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, or a runny nose.

Climate Change? What does it even mean?

But let’s be honest: Climate change doesn’t really describe anything because it’s really a political movement that flourishes on the left, and in the sad hearts of our terrified young people, like little girl Greta Thunberg.

The most tragic consequence of climate change is not the rising sea levels or the polar bears who don’t have enough ice to recline on, or the polar ice caps, which still look solidly frozen to me.

 No. It’s the despair and fear that our mentally deficient young people have to live with, that is drummed into their heads from infancy.

Even that precocious child Alexandria Ocasio Cortez lives in daily dread that the world will end. She’s giving the planet only about 23 more years, and then it’s curtains for planet Earth.

In recent weeks we’ve seen teens with climate anxiety disorder throw mashed potatoes and tomato soup at priceless works of art and glue themselves to cars, floors and even a dinosaur skeleton.

How this is supposed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they never make clear.

Let’s look at the facts

For those who can still think clearly, here are a few facts about climate change:

  • The earth has warmed between one and two degrees in the past 100 years, roughly since we’ve been keeping data.
  • According to Dr. Steven Koonin, a climatologist and physicist, most of the world’s climate happens in the oceans, where temperatures are difficult to measure for obvious reasons. So we don’t know what we don’t know about global temperatures until we can adequately study the ocean’s temperatures for many, many more years.
  • The climate cooled slightly during the covid pandemic by a fraction of a fraction of a degree, mainly because the world’s population foolishly and fearfully stayed indoors and stopped engaging in their everyday lives.
  • The world’s climate cools off every time a volcano erupts, sometimes for years.
  • If our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions to impact climate, the entire world would have to stop using ALL fossil fuels, and then it might take hundreds of years to see any decrease in greenhouse gases because they stay in the atmosphere for hundreds of years.
  • There is NO evidence whatsoever that weather events like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc., are more extreme and frequent today than in the past. That’s a lie that the media and climate activists have repeated for so long that it’s accepted as truth, but it’s not.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, now inexplicably serving as our nation’s transportation secretary, has said:

“Transportation is the leading contributor to climate change, contributing to a pattern of extreme weather events, which takes a severe toll on our infrastructure. Every dollar we spend rebuilding from a climate-driven disaster is a dollar we could have spent building a more competitive, modern and resilient transportation system that produces significantly lower emissions.”

Literally, everything in that statement is incorrect, so there’s no need to break it down. But in an attempt to summarize what Pete is saying, it sounds like he means this: “Our cars are causing hurricanes, so we need to get rid of our evil gas-guzzling cars and buy $60,000 electric vehicles which don’t cause hurricanes.”

But there’s a little hiccup in Pete’s logic because he forgets one crucial fact: Electric vehicles, in fact, use electricity fueled by fossil fuels, most of it coal.

We realize he’s a stupid man, but he can’t be so stupid that he thinks electricity comes from lightning harnessed from a kite with a key tied to the end.

It’s not about the climate. It’s about controlling humans

Three billion people worldwide don’t have enough energy to sustain meaningful life, so that means we need more energy, not less. And nothing on earth packs a punch like fossil fuels. One analyst commented that one gallon of regular gasoline is 50 times more potent than a good Tesla battery.

Deaths caused by extreme weather events have been down by 98% in the past 100 years. Even during the last hurricane, Ian in Florida, the death toll was shockingly low considering the storm’s ferocity, primarily due to increased technology and our ability to deal more effectively with weather events.

The greenies who are driving this agenda don’t care what alternatives are offered, and they shoot it down – like natural gas, fracking and nuclear.

That’s because they’re really not waging war on fossil fuels; they’re waging war on humans. They say human activity causes climate change, so human activity must be controlled. That sounds suspiciously like Marxism.

Yet the loudest voices are often seen traveling in private jets to fly overseas to lecture people about climate change.

John Kerry, who traveled to Iceland in 2019 on a private jet to present a lecture on climate change, defended himself by saying, “It’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.” Oh, the hypocrisy. Oh, the elitism.

Sadly, we’re seeing global energy supplies decreasing as the green movement convinces government leaders – like our own Simpleton-in-Chief Joe Biden – to suppress energy production.

The danger isn’t the climate. It’s our “Simpleton-in-Chief”

The result in the U.S. has been high energy prices, blackouts, supply chain slowdowns, and low energy supplies. Not to mention that we are begging our enemies to ramp up oil production overseas to help meet our energy needs when we could supply all our needs with domestic sources that have been artificially suppressed.

It’s more severe in other countries, where energy shortages have resulted in some industries being decimated, like farming in Sri Lanka, and deaths.

And though most might find it challenging to point Sri Lanka out on a map, we know where New England is located. Almost any American can point to a map and find Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, etc.

In that region of the United States, they may not have enough oil to heat their homes this winter.

Eversource CEO Joseph Price sent a direct warning Joe Biden pleading for his help.

“I write to you today to ask for your Administration’s leadership again to swiftly address the growing concerns about winter electric reliability in New England…New England will not have sufficient natural gas to meet power and supply needs for the region in the event of a severe cold spell this winter,” Price wrote.

A cold spell? In New England? In the middle of winter? What are the chances?

Well, better than Joe Biden “swiftly” addressing the problem, which any reasonable person could immediately predict.


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