Republican operatives launch a new credit card that will benefit conservative causes

In reply to the scourge of “woke”-ness among prominent corporations and consumer brands that publicly praise liberal policies and funnel money to left-wing causes and groups, some prominent Republican operatives and a former GOP senator are launching a new Visa credit card that does the opposite: devotes a portion of its profits to conservative causes.

Called Coign, pronounced “coin,” the card is initially being offered with no membership fees and 1 percent cash back on all purchases. In a nod to “crowdfunding” and customer input, beneficiaries of its donations will be chosen by a vote of Coign cardholders, although “voters” will have to pick from a list of options compiled by company executives.

Set to have launched on April 26, the card is under the stewardship of Republican lobbyist Rob Collins, a former executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Collins’ advisory team includes former Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado; GOP strategist Chris Hansen, also a former NRSC executive director and currently an adviser to Pennsylvania Senate candidate Mehmet Oz. Various unnamed financial backers also support the project, including at least one billionaire family known for its ties to conservativism.

“Coign will let conservatives voice their priorities through charitable donations they get to pick, all while offering world-class customer service, consumer protections, and cash back on every transaction,” Collins said in a statement picked up by the Washington Examiner. Collins is a former adviser to former Republican House majority leader Eric Cantor.

On Collins’ advisory team are Matt Lira, who previously served under former President Donald Trump and whose resume features work with the NRSC, with Cantor when he was House majority leader, and with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy when he was House majority leader.

Backed by a bank headquartered in the Midwest, Coign aims to capitalize on the frustration conservatives have felt as executive, human resources and public relations departments at many big-name corporations have turned into adjuncts of liberal politics and a bullying, abusive and wildly corrupt Democratic Party.


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