SatanCon 2023 Sparks Heavenly Retaliation: Christian Action Network Strikes Back

CBS Boston
Mobile Billboard Ad Takes on the Devil’s Playground in Boston, Exposing the Dark Agenda of After School Satan Clubs

Last weekend, Christian Action Network (CAN) commissioned a mobile billboard ad to roam the streets of Boston, protesting an event held by The Satanic Temple, a devil-worshipping bunch based in Salem.

SatanCon 2023, a sold-out conference so blasphemous it might as well have come with a complimentary pitchfork, drew Satanists from all over the United States and beyond to the Marriott Copley Place.

There, they celebrated the 10th anniversary of their infernal organization with a German-themed event called “Hexennacht,” which means “Witches’ Night.”

As expected, their pals in the media were all too eager to cover this unholy gathering, probably while trying to remember the words to “Highway to Hell.”

The Satanic Temple had already made headlines for their devilish deeds long before they descended on Boston to pay tribute to the Prince of Darkness.

The group of devil worshippers even managed to score glowing news stories about their audacious efforts to infiltrate elementary schools with After School Satan Clubs.

Christian Action Network lept into action, joining other upstanding organizations in the battle to keep these monsters away from innocent five-to-twelve-year-olds.

Last month, CAN released a 16-minute film documentary to expose the twisted ideology behind the movement.

Our mission? Educate school officials and parents about the true nature of these sinister folks who want to corrupt young children with Satan certificates. It’s like a participation trophy from hell!

Understandably, the satanic gathering in Boston set off a few alarm bells. CAN worried that the event would only further the Satanists’ wicked plans to use public schools as a breeding ground for indoctrinating children into Satanism.

Fuming with righteous indignation, CAN chose a mobile billboard truck to broadcast their protest. Our message, “No After School Satan Clubs,” not only paraded up and down the Marriott Copley Place but also blazed a trail through the great city of Boston.

We even added a second message, a little biblical reminder: “For this purpose, the Son of God manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8). Expect a deep dive into that scripture in another posting.

Unsurprisingly, The Satanic Temple didn’t take too kindly to CAN’s mobile billboard ad.

Their vile response was almost comforting, as it just confirmed the twisted nature of these characters.

Members of the devil-worshipping event posted some truly sick Twitter comments, accusing me of using tampons in secret and performing unspeakable acts on people’s rectums. One of the tamer posts even featured a picture of me in a compromising situation with a pig.

Disgusting? Absolutely. But they proved CAN’s point.

Who in their right mind would want these deranged individuals anywhere near their children in public schools?


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