Satanism Trends in America – Video

From After School Satan Clubs to a Satanic Grammys’ performance, Beelzebub is in fashion.

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Martin: All right, so I want to start this program off with the theme satanism is trending in America because, you know why? It is. 

It’s trending. 

It’s trendy to be a Satanist. 


So at the Grammy Awards in February, so not too many days ago from when we’re taping this, singers Sam Smith and Kim Petras had a performance of a song called Unholy, and they dressed up as, I don’t know, Satanists, I suppose.

If anybody watched it, he had horns. 

Alec: He had horns, and he was all red. 

Martin: Senator Ted Cruz called it evil, and Megan Kelly described it as celebrating Satan. 

And it did not go unnoticed by many Christians out there that this was quite offensive. 

And they wrote some letters to the FCC complaining. 

No surprise there. 

One of the viewers said this. 

“It was rot with evil imagery and depicted devil worship acolytes rubbing around on the floor virtually naked and in cages. 

It was broadcast live, and I cannot believe that CBS allowed it.”

Well, I don’t know about that. 

Alec: I totally can believe it. 

I think they ate it up. They loved it.

Martin: If it was a Christian performance celebrating Jesus Christ, and they allowed that, I would be surprised. 

Alec: There’d be all kinds of people triggered by that. 

Patti: And sponsored by Pfizer, remember.

The whole thing was sponsored by Pfizer. 

Martin: That’s good to know. 

In February, Satanists in Idaho hosted a gender-affirming ritual at the state capital. 

So some more satanism is going on out that way. 

The group calls itself Satanic Idaho, and they boast, ‘we support autonomy for LGBTQ plus people, especially with the support of their medical doctor.’ 

And to top it off, the Satanic Temple, based in Salem, Massachusetts, announced that it will be hosting Satancon in Boston at the end of April. 

And the goal of that group is to place after-school satan clubs in elementary schools. 

Alec: We’ve been over that. 

Martin: So this is, like, trending, right? 

So, you know, you got the Satanists coming after the kids in the elementary schools. 

You got the depictions of Satan. 

Did you get a chance to watch Sam Smith’s performance at the Grammys? 

Anybody here? 

Patti: Yeah, just a recap of it 

Alec: On the Super Bowl?

Martin: No. 

The Grammys. 

Alec: Okay. No.

Patti: He also had a lot of transgender themes, plus Satanism. 

Martin: But my point that I wanted to make was that at the end of his song, Unholy, that performance got a standing ovation from the people in the crowd. 

I mean, they were up there clapping. 

It was like the most incredible thing they had ever seen. 

And they’re cheering on Satan. 

Alec: Well, the sign was probably flashing and saying, get on your feet. 

Stand up 

Patti: Or you will burn in hell. 

Martin: I’m not sure they need a sign. 

Michael: Isn’t the song about people cheating on each other, like adultery and things like that? 

At least, that’s what I heard. 

Patti: Well, Martin, you and I had a little discussion about this, and I wonder what everyone else thinks. 

I’m not convinced that this movement toward satanism is that the people involved really know what they’re getting into. 

Martin: Well, of course not.

Patti: It looks pretty secular. 

I don’t know if they’re really worshipping satan. 

They may be inadvertently worshiping satan. 

Alec: I think satan is okay with that. 

But I think it’s just a trend for many people, and I don’t think they know what they are dabbling in because satan is real, and I don’t think they really believe it. 

They don’t appear to believe in god. 

And wouldn’t you have to believe in god to believe in satan? 

Alec: So that’s a perfect outcome for satan if you’re worshiping him and don’t even know it. 

Martin: Well, look, the satanic minister that will be orchestrating the after-school club in Chesapeake, Virginia, at the B.M. Williams primary school, on her Instagram page, she has a photo of an oven. 

And in that oven is a roasting pan. 

And inside that roasting pan is a live baby with happy atheist thanksgiving. 

I mean, you don’t think these people are worshiping satan? I mean, my god.

Patti: They’re definitely into something satanic, but I don’t think they necessarily know that that’s real.

Martin: Wait a second. 

They call themselves Satanists, Patti, and you’re trying to tell us that. 

Patti: If they knew what they were getting into, they would be way more afraid 

Alec: They think it’s a naughty little club

Patti: Exactly. 

That’s a good way of putting it. 

Alec: They don’t see it as, like, really the eternal damnation. 

Patti: They don’t. 

And it’s a trendy thing. 

Alec: The absolute horror of what they’re embracing.


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