School accused of violating constitution by allowing prayers before faculty meetings

Oak Grove School District is under fire for posting Bible verses and allowing prayers before faculty meetings

The Oak Grove School District in Missouri is under fire for allowing practices such as Bible verses posted on bulletin boards, prayers before faculty meetings, and teaching creationism, among others, after one parent accused the schools for violating students’ constitutional rights.

Freedom from Religion Foundation recently sent a letter to Oak Grove complaining that the school district had broken multiple laws in regards to separation of state and Church.

The organization said that an Oak Grove parent contacted them about what was going on at schools.

Most parents told FOX4 that they did not mind what the district was doing. However, there were others who did not agree with the school handing out religious materials.

Dr. Bryan Thomsen told FOX4 that he was surprised to be in this position and that he “was a little surprised that it was an outside organization from a different state that was concerned about what we were doing in our schools.”

Thomsen clarified that the district was willing to make changes if necessary. He also said that the district was taking care of things internally and working on a written response for the Freedom from Religion Foundation.


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