Self-Castrating DC Man Claims ‘Nullo’ Gender, So Now It’s LGBTQ-N

Veronica Carol Blades and Adam Curlykale are an extreme-inked castrated/transgender nullo-trans-female couple who must rely on incredible kisses, because, thinking rationally, what else do they even have? (InkedMag photo)

The Daily Mail – A man sliced off his own penis and testicles using an ultra-sharp ceramic knife so he could become a genitalia-free, so-called, “nullo,” and he then kept his severed organ in the freezer until his mother threw it out.

Trent Gates, 23, of Washington DC, removed his testicles in a DIY surgical procedure performed in his own apartment in April 2016, before chopping off his penis in a North Carolina motel room eight months later.

Gates, who says he sanitized the blade for safety and took only painkillers in preparation, was inspired to perform the radical procedure after seeing another famous nullo called Gelding at the age of 15.

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