Settlement Deals a Blow to Opponents of Transgender Bathrooms in NC

The North Carolina settlement will allow transgenders to use certain restrooms, such as rest stop areas, according to their gender identity.

Opponents of transgender bathrooms in North Carolina were dealt a blow Friday, July 26 after Democrat Governor Roy Cooper reached a settlement with the American Civil Liberties Union and pro-LGBT activists.

The settlement will allow transgender individuals to use certain North Carolina public restrooms that are opposite of their gender birth.

Critics of the settlement, such as the North Carolina Values Coalition, viewed the agreement as a complete abdication of privacy rights.

“Governor Cooper’s fake settlement is actually like the fox watching the hen house,” a statement from the coalition reads. “He and Attorney General [John] Stein have never stood in defense of our privacy and protection when it comes to keeping men out of women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, and now they are forcing women and girls to lose their right to privacy and safety in public facilities they control.” 

The consent decree was approved by U.S. Judge Thomas Schroeder.

The settlement applies to buildings controlled by officials from the executive branch, such as state offices in Raleigh, highway rest stops, and state parks and historic sites.


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