SF school district removes ‘chief’ from job titles to avoid offending Native Americans

San Francisco Unified School District

Apparently assuming that Americans with Indian heritage depend on their every move and every word, a woke San Francisco school district has banned the word “chief” from its job titles, reports DailyMail.com.

The nutty move was the brainchild of the San Francisco Unified School District, which apparently has so little work to do that it has held conversations with its 10,000 employees to seek their suggestions.

The word is rooted in Old French, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary, and has nothing to do with disparaging “Native Americans.”

Neal Alexander Walker of the Western Institute for Endangered Language Documentation, told DailyMail.com the term could potentially be construed as offensive but that the San Francisco Unified School District may just be trying to get attention and appear virtuous.

Walker carefully explained: “A cynical person might say that the school district’s measure is more about grandstanding and seeking to appear to do something that costs zero physical capital and can only increase social capital among a certain socio-economic group in the Bay Area.

“However, if students and students’ parents within the district were expressing concerns over the use of the word chief, a more generous person might argue that the district made an appropriate decision.”

The school district claimed the decision was made after concerns were raised by Native American community members, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.


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