Sharia Police Arrest Four on Charges of Charade Wedding on Facebook

Sharia police operate in 12 of Nigeria's northern states, sometimes watching over required Muslim prayer sessions under the claim that certain Muslims must be protected from Islamic extremists of Boko Hiram. (Agence France photo)

CTV News – Four men were arrested in the northern Nigerian city of Kano for allegedly carrying out a false marriage on Facebook, which the Islamic enforcement agency said had mocked Islam.

Kano is among 12 northern Nigeria states where Sharia law operates and the Hisbah enforcement agency said Wednesday the wedding was perceived to have made a mockery of the institution of marriage.

“We arrested four men for organizing a mock wedding on Facebook which has caused public outrage,” Hisbah’s chief Abba Sufi told AFP. “We arrested them for making a mockery of the sanctity of the institution of marriage.”

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