America's Islamic Threat


America's Islamic Threat

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American’s Islamic Threat is a documentary film with a presentation by the best selling author, Martin Mawyer, who is also President of Christian Action Network.

The film details the threat of Islamic intrusion into American schools, workplace, government agencies, laws, court rulings and its sweeping infiltration into American institutions as a whole.

Using an extraordinary collection of visual aids, America’s Islamic Threat is much more than a “talking head” documentary and; Mr. Mawyer takes the viewer on a journey of photos, film footage and graphics visuals to drive home the shocking story of Islamic activity taking place inside America.

From explaining Islamic “no-go zones” in America (where non-Muslims are not allowed to enter) to Islamic indoctrination programs inside public schools, to outrageous violence committed by Muslim against Christians – America’s Islamic Threat exposes the clear and present danger of radical Islam in the United States.

“For the most part,” Mawyer explains, “Americans have a false sense of the real danger of radical Islam.  We tend to think our only fear is some type of terrorist act – bombings, shootings and even physical decapitations. “and; “Indeed, these are real concerns and should not be dismissed,” Mawyer said of Islamic terrorist acts. and; “But a far greater reality and threat to America is not from violent acts by Muslim extremists.” 

“We should have an equal concern, or perhaps a greater alarm, for Stealth Jihad.”

Stealth Jihad, Mawyer says, is a process of Islamic infiltration into America’s everyday life – from pushing Islamic food into the schools, to demands of Sharia law in the workplace, to indoctrination programs that are being forced upon law enforcement officers, teachers and government officials.

Rather than just presenting the problems of Islamic radicalism in America, however, Mr. Mawyer also outlines what America needs to do to fight back and defend the Judeo-Christian principals, liberties and heritage that are so vital to keeping America free from Islamic doctrine and domination.