Twilight in America (book)


Twilight in America (book)

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New Book Twilight in America Exposes Islamic Camps Where Americans Train for JIHAD

In late 2010 Martin Mawyer was in the midst of writing his new book, Twilight in America: The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Inside America. The book, exposing the existence of dozens of terrorist training camps inside America, was the result of years of research. One day, unexpectedly, there was a phone call that would wind up as the centerpiece of the book.

The caller was a young Egyptian man name Ali Aziz. He claimed to be an undercover agent with the NYPD who had lived for eight years with these terrorists in training. Mawyer knew, given the nature of the group that ran these compounds, that it could be a trap.

The group is known as Muslims of the Americas (MOA), and Mawyer and Christian Action Network were already in their crosshairs. MOA is a front group for a known terrorist group called Jamaat Al Fuqra (“community of the impoverished”). They have been convicted of numerous terrorist-related crimes in the United States going back to the 1980s, among them welfare fraud, white-collar crimes, gun running, firebombing, drug crimes, weapons crimes…and murder.

Ali told Mawyer that he knew about his work exposing the camps, and that he wanted to tell his story. Ali wanted to end his eight-year-long double life—as an undercover informant for the NYPD pretending to be an Islamic radical. Ali’s story checked out, and is revealed for the first time ever in Twilight in America.

“It’s very simple,” Ali told Mawyer. “MOA is asleep. They are asleep. They are a bomb.”

Twilight in America includes Ali’s shocking story, and the stern warning he gives to America: Time is running short; Muslims of the americasA has created a secret army of guerilla-trained jihadists, ready to strike at the heart of America “at one word” from their leader.

You’ll learn the history of MOA in the United States…how they began buying land in rural America decades ago to hide their terrorist training activities…how their leader, Sheikh Mubarik Ali Gilani, rules his American followers with an iron fist from Pakistan, with fantastical claims that he is omnipresent and watches their every move…how the Beltway Snipers were given refuge at MOA camps during their reign of terror in 2002…and how even today, these Islamic camps engage in illegal activity, including forced polygamous marriages, brutality against women and children, stockpiling illegal weapons, welfare fraud, and much more.

You’ll also read the incredible and tragic story of Wall street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who—while on his way to interview Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan—was kidnapped, beheaded and dismembered. Martin Mawyer’s research has uncovered never-before-revealed links between the murder of Daniel Pearl and the infamous Sheikh Gilani.

Undercover agent Ali insists that he has given law enforcement more than enough evidence to shut down these camps, but they have failed to take action. This is the decline that America is experiencing…this is Twilight in America.

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