Smackdown Saturday: Champion Swimmer Riley Gaines Ambushed, Assaulted by Trans Activists

12-time All-American swimmer Riley Gaines

Here is another chilling story that’ll leave you wondering what has become of our society.

Riley Gaines, a 12-time All-American swimmer and a brave young woman, became the latest victim of a world gone mad.

In an incident at the San Francisco State University, Riley was ambushed and physically assaulted by a group of deranged trans activists.

What was her crime? It was her unwavering commitment to end biological males competing in female sports.

You see, Riley Gaines isn’t your typical activist.

This 24-year-old student dared to stand up against the suffocating grip of the trans culture.

The goal of her speech was “to educate her peers about her experience and what the impact of the growing number of biological males in women’s sports will do to the integrity of Title IX,” her agent, Eli Bremer, said.

But that didn’t sit well with the trans activists, organized by SFSU’s Queer and Trans Resource Center, who have taken it upon themselves to be the sole arbiters of truth.

As Riley was leaving the university campus, she was ambushed and hit twice by a group of enraged trans activists. With the help of the police, she remained barricaded for three hours.

What started as a verbal assault quickly escalated into a full-blown physical attack. The attackers hurled insults and obscenities at her while attempting to snatch her phone, which was recording the incident.

In a video shared by Gaines, she can be heard screaming and pleading for help as the trans activists swarm her. The attackers can be heard hurling insults and obscenities while she repeatedly asks them to leave her alone.

The attack occurred just days after Cash App founder Bob Lee was mercilessly stabbed to death in the heavily populated LGBT city.

Riley was terrified and in tears, unable to comprehend how her simple act of standing up for free speech had led to this horrifying encounter.

“You crying! You f—ing crying bitch — f–k you!” one in the group of protesters screamed at her.

Later, Gains wrote in a tweet, “The prisoners are running the asylum at SFSU … I was ambushed and physically hit twice by a man.

She added, “This is proof that women need sex-protected spaces. Still only further assures me I’m doing something right. When they want you silent, speak louder.”

This is not the first time we’ve seen this kind of behavior from the radical left.

Time and again, they have demonstrated their intolerance for dissenting opinions and their eagerness to use violence to achieve their goals. It is a tragic reminder of the ongoing assault on free speech and our fundamental democratic principles.

SFSU has since released a statement condemning the attack, stating that they are “deeply concerned” about the incident and that they will be working with the police to ensure the safety of their students.

But one can question their sincerity since the whole incident could have been easily anticipated and prevented from the start.

Grease Reboot Explores Gender Exploration, White Supremacy Themes

The iconic 1970s classic Grease is getting a woke TV reboot… and it’s a real doozy. 

The new prequel version, ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies,’ is all about pushing a multicultural, all-female agenda and exploring sexual orientation, gender expression and racial identity.

Just when you thought the creative well had run dry, Hollywood has proven they can still find ways to perplex and alienate their audience.

And get this: The 1950s student population at Rydell High School is now packed with a diverse mix of LGBT, minority students and even a non-binary tomboy struggling to fit in with her multicultural bandmates.

The show’s creators claim they’re exploring “queerness, gender nonconformity and transness, and tackling discrimination” within the Rydell High community.

But reviews for the Paramont+ series have been less than glowing. The Guardian even called it “The prequel nobody asked for.” 

When will Hollywood learn to let classics be without succumbing to the relentless pressure to revamp them with woke propaganda smothered in LGBTQ icing?

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Trans Teen Arrested for Plot to Shoot up Middle Schools and Churches

Another day, another disturbing story of a transgender person plotting chaos and destruction.

This time, a 19-year-old Colorado man pretending to be a woman was arrested after allegedly planning a school shooting. William Whitworth, or should we say “Lily,” as he prefers to be called, has been arrested for scheming to shoot up schools and churches in the area.

A notebook found at Whitworth’s home contained his manifesto, with a reference to Donald Trump as a “con-man.” They also found a copy of “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx.

Is it any surprise that Whitworth intended to target not only schools but also churches?

The fact that such an individual could develop such a horrifying plot without the knowledge of their community or family demonstrates how the toxic political climate has seeped into the minds of the vulnerable.

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Canada Eyes Bill to Make Offending LGBTQ People a Crime

The woke left has struck again, this time in Ontario, Canada. 

Members of the Ontario Legislative Assembly are proposing a bill to create a so-called “2SLGBTQI+ Community Safety Zones,” where offensive remarks about gay people would be banned within 100 meters and could result in a massive fine of up to $25,000.

The implications of this proposed law are chilling. 

It sets a dangerous precedent where the government can restrict the opinions of Canadians based on the whims of a vocal minority. 

Today, it’s drag performers; tomorrow, it could be any group that claims to be “offended” by certain ideas or expressions. When will the slippery slope end?

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Georgia Mom Cleared After Arrest for Letting 14-Year-Old Babysit

Here’s another story that proves the world has gone topsy-turvy mad. 

Melissa Henderson, a Georgia mom, was arrested, handcuffed and thrown in jail for having her 14-year-old daughter babysit her younger siblings during the early days of COVID-19. 

We should add that under Georgia law, youngsters ages 13 and older are allowed to babysit.

Rather than celebrating this display of independence and maturity, the authorities decided to treat this woman like a criminal. 

It seems that the long arm of the law is far more interested in meddling in the lives of ordinary citizens than tackling actual crime.

But thankfully, justice has prevailed. After a three-year legal ordeal, Henderson has been cleared of any wrongdoing. 

And rightly so. The reason the arresting officer gave for her arrest was, wait for it: The younger brother who was playing outside could have been bitten by a venomous snake. 

What a load of codswallop!

Unfortunately, Henderson’s legal battle isn’t over yet. She is fighting to have her record expunged. And to make matters worse, her ex-husband has filed for custody of their two young children, partly based on her arrest – all happening because of the behavior of an overzealous cop.

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