Smackdown Saturday: Major church considers giving God gender-neutral pronouns

God gender-neutral pronouns
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Martin Mawyer takes top news stories weekly and gives them a painful Saturday Smackdown. So here are the Smackdown lashings for the week of 2.11.23.

Church of England mulls gender-neutral pronouns for God

Well, this had to happen. Could this finally be the end game to the woke madness now that the mob is going after God Almighty Himself?

Yes, we said “HIMself.”

“God is not male. Certainly not the white cis male with a beard, sitting on a cloud we seem to reduce and limit God to so often.”

This absurd statement by the Rev. Chantal Noppen with the Church of England nicely sums up the church’s attitude as it considers gender-neutral pronouns for God Almighty and plural pronouns.

Under the woke new king of England, Charles III, head of the Church of England, the church is considering abolishing centuries of religious teaching and biblical precedent to give God gender-neutral pronouns.

If Queen Elizabeth was still alive, would the Church of England be considering this heresy? We think not.

Some priests have already made the changes, trading “He” and “Him” for “they” and “them.”

They’ve also re-written the Lord’s Prayer to read, “Our Father and Mother, who art in heaven …”

Let’s set the record straight for the Church of England, shall we?

We are not theologians, but we can read the Bible. And although the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, says that “God is not male or female” or “definable,” God refers to Himself in the masculine form in the Bible.

All the time. Never ever does He refer to Himself as feminine. Or gender neutral. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – all with masculine pronouns.

In the original languages in which the Bible was written – Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic – there are numerous references to “God the Father.” In John 10:30, Jesus clearly stated, “I and the Father are one,” not “I and they” or “I and the mother” are one.

Now, we’ve never seen God, and we don’t know exactly what He means when He uses male pronouns for Himself in the Scriptures, but you would have to reject the entire Bible to arrive at the conclusion that God is gender fluid.

This, of course, is exactly what the lefty mob is doing by redefining who God is – they’re rejecting biblical truth.

Thankfully, not everyone is on board with this proposed change of pronouns for the Lord of Hosts. The Rev. Ian Paul, a member of the Archbishops’ Council of the Church of England, said this is a step too far.

“In an important way they will be moving the doctrine of the church away from being grounded in the Scriptures,” said Rev. Paul. “Fathers and mothers are not interchangeable.” Amen to that.

Earlier, we posed the question: Is this finally the end game of the woke mob to make God gender-neutral? The answer is no … because HE, the God of the universe, will have the final word on this.

© Gill Thompson |

Surprise! Study finds masks don’t work

We’ve known about this for years, but now some brainy researchers are confirming it:

Masks made “little to no difference” in stopping the spread of Covid or death rates, according to the most extensive study of masks ever conducted by the Cochrane Institute, which examined more than a million people.

If they did any good, masks reduced the risk of catching Covid or other flu-like viruses by no more than five percent – a percentage so low it makes it statistically insignificant.

But harms caused by masking – impeding children’s education, breathing issues, rashes, and other skin infections, not to mention psychological injuries – were abundant and far outweighed any benefits from masking.

Well, Sherlock, we hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. Since scientists were first able to identify viruses under a microscope, we knew they were so small that they could pass through nearly any piece of cloth.

In fact, early in the pandemic Dr. Evil, I mean Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the surgeon general were both caught telling the truth about masks, specifically that they don’t work. But then, within a few weeks, they sang a different tune.

Why? Why were we forced to wear masks everywhere that didn’t work? That they knew didn’t work? Remember, at first, it was just a suggestion, but very soon we couldn’t go anywhere without being mandated to mask up.

The answer is complex, but forced masking allowed our government leaders to scare the crap out of us and control us by making us, quite literally, terrified faceless automatons.

One Danish study conducted early in the pandemic – in the spring of 2020 with more than 6,000 participants – found that wearing a mask made no statistical difference at all in the spread of Covid. But no one was willing to publish the results, including our health agencies which were ramping up mask mandates on literally every human being in America, including little children.

Remember when families were being kicked off airplanes because their babies and toddlers couldn’t keep the masks of submission on their little faces?

Interestingly, the Cochrane study found only a one percent increased risk of testing positive for Covid if you wear a mask. Go figure.

The study also found that the higher-grade N95 masks were only slightly more effective than cloth masks but not worth the side effects. Nurses were forced to wear them for years, suffering from cuts and scarring on their faces due to the tight fit required.

Dr. Evil, I mean Dr. Fauci, at one point said we should wear masks out of “respect” for others. Huh? That’s not a scientific reason to force people to wear something. Maybe others should respect our right not to wear a mask. Fauci even admitted to lying to the public about their effectiveness.

Oddly and sadly, the CDC website still states that masks help protect the wearer and others from Covid and is still urging Americans to wear them.

Yet this Cochrane study confirms what we’ve known all along, that the CDC has grossly exaggerated the benefits of masking for whatever nefarious purpose they may be harboring. They can’t be trusted as a source of public health information.

If the CDC tells us to go in one direction, perhaps we should run the opposite way.

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‘Screwdolph the Red-Nippled Reindeer’ gets stabled

Ah, Christmas! A time for children to sing classic holiday songs like “Screwdolph the Red-Nippled Reindeer.”

Wait, what?

That was one of the songs that drag queens sang with little children in Florida, prompting Gov. Ron DeSantis to crack down on drag shows aimed at children.

Both DeSantis of Florida and Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas say enough is enough to drag shows for little children.

They’re cracking down to prevent children from being exposed to sexually explicit shows that include bumping and grinding in revealing burlesque-style clothing by grown men pretending to be women.

In Florida, DeSantis is revoking the venue’s liquor license that hosted the sexually graphic Christmas drag show open to children. The Orlando Philharmonic Plaza Foundation hosted the freakish performance of “A Drag Queen Christmas” in December, advertised as open to “all ages.”

That canker sore of a “show” in Orlando included exposing prosthetic breasts and female genitalia, exposing the buttocks of performers, simulated masturbation, and sexually explicit children’s Christmas songs that had the classic “Screwdolph the Red-Nippled Reindeer.”

Yep, bring the children, one and all!

The Arkansas bill would ban drag shows for kids and also prohibit any adult-oriented business – such as adult bookstores or video stores, adult live entertainment, escort agencies, nude model studios, massage businesses with adult services, adult motion picture theaters, and adult cabarets – from being located on public property or where a minor can view any of the activities.

Who could have dreamed that in 2023 we would have to enact laws to protect children from drag shows? When the woke left mob was considering its next target, how did they come up with the idea to use drag queens to indoctrinate our children? I’d really love to see the flow chart on that one.

We’re happy to see the states of Florida, Arkansas, and a handful of others leading the way in legislation to protect children. Let’s hope more states follow suit.

© Dragan Andrii |

‘Medically appalling’ trans surgeries prompt nurse to turn whistleblower

A 17-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital after she began to experience profuse vaginal bleeding. She had been given testosterone to transition her to a male, but it thinned out her vaginal tissue to such an extent that it ripped open, and she needed surgery.

In another case, a teenage male who wanted to become female was given a drug called Bicalutamide, which is used to treat metastatic prostate cancer, because it also has side effects that result in feminine features such as breasts. Unfortunately, the young man experienced liver toxicity and needed to be hospitalized.

Both of these cases, and many more, occurred at the Washington University Transgender Center in St. Louis, Mo. A whistleblower nurse, Jamie Reed, was so horrified by the “appalling” practices she saw there that she’s spilling the beans on this evil industry that is surgically mutilating and chemically castrating our young people.

Reed says what she saw was “morally and medically appalling.”

“By the time I departed, I was certain that the way the American medical system is treating these patients is the opposite of the promise we make to ‘do no harm’,” she said. “Instead, we are permanently harming the vulnerable patients in our care.”

She said the incidence of young people – some coming in clusters from the same high school – wanting to transition has exploded in recent years. But unfortunately, many patients are not fully informed of the side effects or permanent changes the procedures will involve.

One young woman was 18 when she was given a double mastectomy for what doctors determined was “gender dysphoria.” Three months later, she called the surgeon’s office and said, “I want my breasts back.”

“The last I heard, she was pregnant,” Reed said. “Of course, she’ll never be able to breastfeed her child.”

Reed says she tried to speak out about her concerns to the staff at the hospital but was told to “get on board or get out.”

She chose to get out, and now she’s telling the truth about the dreadful practices of some of our nation’s hospitals.

Medical professionals who betray their sacred oath to “do no harm” shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near our children – and should lose their licenses to practice medicine. Instead, send them back to the slag heap from which they crawled.

© Astrid Gast |

EVERY Dem votes against protecting kids from secretly transitioning

This tells us something troubling about the Democrats in Virginia:

Every single one of them in the House of Delegates recently voted against a child protection bill that would prevent teachers from withholding information about a child’s gender transition from their parents.

The bill is named Sage’s Law after a 14-year-old Virginia girl who was raped and sex trafficked after her parents lost custody of her for what woke miscreants called “misgendering.” Sage’s school allowed her to secretly transition and adopt a male name and pronouns without informing her parents.

Sage ran away to Baltimore, Md., and within days was being sex trafficked, drugged, and gang raped. She was taken into state custody in Maryland and housed in a male children’s home, where she again was subjected to assaults. Maryland refused to return Sage to her parents in Virginia because they “misgendered” her and did not support her transition from female to male.

Sage’s Law requires teachers to immediately inform parents if their child has adopted an opposite-sex identity and wants to transition. It passed 50-48 in the Virginia House of Delegates, with EVERY Democrat voting against it.

Sage may spend the rest of her life recovering from her ordeal. And yet the Democrats of Virginia appear to want to allow more children like her to secretly transition without their parent’s knowledge or consent.

Kudos to the Virginia Republicans who passed this in the House. But shame on the Democrats for standing for the woke trans ideology instead of for the safety of children.

And shame on the teachers and school officials who hid Sage’s transition and serious mental issues from her parents, laying the groundwork for the horror that she endured at the hands of sex traffickers and rapists.


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