Smackdown Saturday: Walmart? Cracker Barrel? Major corporations betraying traditional families

This fall, thousands of gay rights activists will gather at Disney World in Orlando to map out their radical strategy to undermine traditional family values and the Bible.

Disney announces it will host the world’s largest LGBTQ+ conference

I’m not shocked that Disney has revealed it is hosting the “largest LGBTQ+ conference in the world.” Angry? Yes. Surprised, stupified, stunned? No.

This September in Orlando, FL, Mickey Mouse will be the venue for a debaucherous time called “2023 Out & Equal Workplace Summit.”

Hold on. 

Did they just use the word “equal” in that title? What a joke.

If anything, LGBT people are more likely to enjoy “preferred hiring” than suffer discrimination.

We’re not blind.

LGBT voices dominate the news media, Hollywood, science academies, universities, banks, federal posts, corporate boards, etc.

Speaking of corporations, sponsors of this event include Apple, McDonald’s, Walmart, Hilton, Cracker Barrel and John Deere, to name just a few of the 150+ corporations!

Sure, they can try to gaslight Americans into thinking that gays and lesbians still need equality, just like they try to gaslight BIPOCs that all white people are inherently racist.

But with corporate names like that, gaslighting only serves to torch their tiresome claims of discrimination.

One thing is for sure: This conference is going to be a big deal. There are going to be thousands of people there.

They’ll say they are just wanting inclusivity and are not hurting anyone.

But they are hurting people.

What’s more, they are shamelessly contributing to the decline of traditional values and, of course, FAMILIES, the very customers that keep those businesses thriving.

America needs families. And that’s hardly an exaggeration.

This week the city of Philadelphia announced that it is so desperate for families that it will pay $1,000 a month for 18 months (with “no strings attached”) to women who become pregnant.

Shoving homosexuality down the throats of Americans is not fair to moms, pops or their kids.

Children are being exposed to this stuff at a young age, and it’s confusing to them – he, she, their, them, zir pronouns; born into the wrong body; endless gender choices; drag queens, birthing people, etc. 

Neither is it fair to parents. They should have the right to raise their children without this kind of propaganda dumped into their mouths by multi-billion-dollar corporations. 

And it’s not fair to the employees. They should be able to work without feeling obligated to conform to some woke agenda. 

I’m not alone in feeling this way. Millions of people are fed up with this woke nonsense. 

Disney should admit the only customers they genuinely care about are those who contribute nothing – NOTHING – to the flourishing growth of American families. 

If we’re left wondering why, perhaps the only explanation is that Disney secretly wishes to rid itself of those dreaded family discount packages.

Middle school survey asks children about their oral sex habits & more

Question to sixth and seventh graders: 

“Have you ever participated in oral sex? Oral sex is when a person puts their mouth on another person’s genitals or private area.”

Yep, that’s what children age 11 and 12 are being asked in school surveys, and parents at one middle school in Boston have said enough is enough.

Most of the children taking the survey admitted they didn’t even know what the questions meant. “What’s oral sex?” asked one child. 

Questions asked include: Do you think you might be transgender? Do you engage in homosexuality, or do you think you’re homosexual? How often do you have sex? Have you considered suicide?

Suicide? Now they’re putting the notion of suicide into our children’s heads!

Fox News reports one parent as saying, “To go on field trips, the district has parents sign permission slips, but for the district to ask our children private explicit sexual questions, they are able to do so without consent?” she said. “This makes no sense.”

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Pro-gay group laments loss of LGBTQ+ characters on TV

Perhaps GLAAD should take its cue from Netflix – which has canceled much of its woke programming that’s bombing on its streaming platform.

GLAAD, a pro-gay pro-trans group, is deeply troubled that an “alarming number” of LGBTQ+ shows and characters will disappear from TV next year.

In other words, they’ve been canceled. Why? Because either the series naturally ended, or the shows did poorly in the ratings.

Nearly 30% of these LGBTQ+ characters won’t be returning. But that means 70% of them WILL be returning – and that’s still too many gay and trans characters for most Americans who are heterosexual and non-transgender to stomach.

Most laughably, a statement by GLAAD stated that this is “alarming” because “it’s critical the stories (Hollywood) invests in include fair and accurate depictions of LGBTQ people that reflect the humanity of our community.”

Wait, would Hollywood tell fair and accurate stories of our communities? Oh, come on!

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High school coach wins major victory after being fired for praying

It looks like we still have a First Amendment in this country – and the courts, at least some of them, uphold it.

Washington State football coach Joseph Kennedy, who was fired after leading students in prayer after games, was awarded $1.7 million and got his job back after suing the school.

The case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which upheld his First Amendment right to pray. As a result, he has been reinstated as a coach, and the local school board will be paying the $1.7 million tab for denying him his rights.

What a gratifying outcome for constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom. 

But why did it take a lawsuit to the highest court to force the school board to honor Kennedy’s rights? To repeat, rights guaranteed by the Constitution. 

The school argued incorrectly that the coach’s prayers violated the separation of church and state and sanctioned the promotion of religion.


These woke anti-God school officials were simply offended by a Christian prayer. And we shouldn’t need to remind school officials that there’s no guaranteed right NOT to be offended by anything.

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Who knew refrigerators could be spying on us?

The US Congress has passed a bill requiring manufacturers of smart devices to disclose whether their products have cameras or microphones that can record users without their consent. 

The bill, called the Informing Consumers about Smart Devices Act, aims to protect consumers’ privacy and security from potential spying by internet-connected appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, and dishwashers.

Introduced by Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA), the bill now awaits President Joe Biden’s signature to become law.

Supporters of the bill say consumers have the right to know if their smart devices are listening or watching them without their knowledge or consent. 


“As the number of smart devices found in homes steadily climbs, consumers deserve greater transparency about how these devices work and how they impact privacy,” Cruz said in a statement. 

“Americans should know if the fridge is recording their families’ words and movements, and they should know whether their virtual assistant is transmitting audio recordings of private family conversations,” Sen. Cruz said.


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